Break Out

By: Lila Rose



Loss was something a person could never get over. It played in your mind each and every fuckin’ day. What made some loss worse was how your friend or family member died. Mine would burn bright because of the betrayal my blood brother, Slit, put me through. He’d gotten heavy into shit he shouldn’t have, and I had to have his back, but in doing so, it brought attention to my old lady. In turn, the ones who corrupted my brother tried to control my brother through me by taking her.

Feeling that loss, the way it happened, it still sliced at me each and every goddamn day. They’d killed her because of my motherfucking blood brother. It was why I’d snitched to the Hawks MC about Slit. We’d both been members, but Slit’d been screwing them over too, dealing out information he shouldn’t have. As soon as I’d got that painful call, I’d handed my brother over and ripped open another wound. Only one that healed quickly… his betrayal made it so. I’d known they’d kill him. Shit, I even watched it happen, but I did nothing to help him. He deserved nothing.

Loss was also something Della would feel for a while.


Fuck. It’d been two years since my old lady was torn from my life and in those years, not once had another woman turned my head.

Not until Della.

How-fucking-ever, it was fine to look. I just didn’t want anything to happen between us. I never wanted a relationship again. Besides, she was messed up, which was understandable after the shit she’d been through. Hell, she was feeling her own loss from her sister’s death, and then the loss of her freedom when she’d tried to bring the man to justice, only to sink into his fest-pool of darkness. She’d been caught. He used and abused her in ways no woman should ever experience. Not that he ever laid a hand on her. Instead, he had his high paying members at his strip clubs do it. And then, fucking then, her parents pretty much chewed her up and spat her out, wanting nothing to do with her.

Her life was shit. Her memories and messed-up thoughts controlled every action she made.

Running a hand over my face, I sighed loudly and slapped my hand on the bed I was lyin’ on. It wasn’t my own bed. Actually, it was, but only for a few months longer. My prez of Hawks MC ordered me to stay in Sydney after the hell that recently went down. At first, we’d been there to help Melissa, to get her out from under Jimmy’s scrutiny because Dallas had a claim over her. Then Melissa told us about Della, and there was no way we’d leave a woman, any woman, to stay in that nightmare each day.

Jimmy was dead, by our hands. His men the same. The women were safe, but they had to stay in Sydney too. Since Jimmy was publicly known in the business world, his death was televised, and as Melissa had been forced to marry him, she was fresh news for the vultures to swarm.

I had to stay until the shit had been cleared, until Melissa was old news and she could finally move back to Melbourne, to her man, one of my brothers, Dallas.

I didn’t mind the break, but seeing, being around, and even scenting Della all the goddamn time made it hard. I wanted more than anything to slide into her. My thoughts even went as far as wanting to protect her with everything I had… but I also didn’t want her to drown once again in hell.

I was sullied. Everything and anyone I knew was in jeopardy. Hell, it had happened to Jenny; it could happen again to Della.

The door to the bedroom opened. I turned my head as Della slipped in, closing it to lean against it.

“You good?” I asked. Melissa and I had found a therapist who did house visits. We’d organised for her to come over so Della could talk. This was after her parents turned their backs on her, causing Della to shut down completely. Some would have thought she would have shut down mentally after being abused in every way. Jimmy had put her through the ringer. Still, she hadn’t. Actually, that wasn’t true. No person would be the same after what happened to her. She’d been angry, hurt, and had lost some of herself. But it was her parents who knocked her over the edge. Having the people you loved the most turn their backs on you could definitely do that to a person.

Bringing in Elina was the right choice. Della had told us after Elina, the therapist, had left, she wasn’t pissed at us for organising the counselling. Since talking with Elina, she could breathe easier. Still, I wasn’t sure how long that’d last. Hell, if it were me, I’d be murderous if someone tried to step into my business.

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