Breaching the Contract(9)

By: Chantal Fernando

“Your dad has such an important job,” I tell Laura, shrugging. “I’m only working to become like him, so sometimes I can leave the office and he can’t.”

I don’t know why I stuck up for him, especially when it was probably crossing a line to do so, but I think it’s unfair for Tristan to feel guilty for having a successful career. I mean, they get to live in a house like this, for one, but I know it must suck to not have much quality time with their father.

“Why is his job so important?” Logan asks me, looking genuinely curious.

Has no one explained this to them before?

“Because not many people can do what he does.” I try my best to explain in a way that they will understand. “He’s very qualified and good at what he does, so a lot of people want him to help them.”

“Cool,” Logan says, smiling at his dad proudly, while even Laura looks to her dad, an impressed look on her face.

“I better get going. Nice meeting you guys,” I tell them, waving. I grab my handbag and head toward the door, with Tristan following.

“Kat,” he calls, so I turn to face him.

I think he’s going to say something, thank me maybe, but he doesn’t. He just opens the door for me and says, “Get back safely. I’ve seen how you drive.”

“Well enough that you allowed me to drive your kids home,” I point out, arching a brow.

His lips tighten. “Be there early tomorrow, Kat.”

With him standing this close to me, looking into those blue eyes, I forget how infuriating this man can be. I almost forget how he made me get him coffee and then babysit his tribe today, too.


“I’m always early,” I say, walking out the door. I have things to do and I don’t want to stand here wasting my time arguing with him about my driving, or listening to his questioning my work ethic. I’m not stupid—he’s better at arguing than me. “I’ll see you tomorrow morning, then. I’m sure you’ll have lots of other useful tasks for me to complete.”

I’m all over the place with this man, back and forth, hot and cold. I don’t know whether I want to kiss him or kick him right in the nuts.

Maybe next he’ll get me to polish his shoes or something.

He doesn’t engage or respond, instead he just waits patiently at the door until I get into the car. When I pull out onto the road, only then does he head back inside and shut the door.

I never know what he’s thinking.

And for some reason, I really want to.

chapter 5

“TRISTAN SAID HE WANTED me to help you with some research,” Callum says, coming and sitting down next to me. He opens his laptop and starts pressing buttons. “He’s in a mood today, isn’t he?”

Callum is still in law school, and usually comes in twice a week as an intern. I’ve found him to be pretty witty, with a mixture of dry humor and dad jokes. He can be a bit of a smart-ass too, but he’s actually pretty good company. He lightens up the place with his easy nature and laid-back attitude.

“Tell me about it,” I grumble, showing him the research I’m doing on a murder case Tristan asked me to work on today. When I walked in this morning, I’d hoped that my babysitting gig yesterday had earned me some points with him, but no. He started off by sending me on a coffee run, and then made me tidy and organize his desk. After that he let me do some work on the case Jaxon had left with me, which I’m grateful for, but it wasn’t long before he sent me on another errand—to go to the supermarket for him to grab a few things for his lunch.

He sent me to the fucking store.

Inside I was fuming, but I did everything he asked and managed not to complain, which is maybe why he gave me some actual law work to do. I’m compiling all the information and evidence for the murder case he was just handed, so he can reference it whenever he needs to. I don’t know why he’s in a bad mood today, but he’s been tense ever since he walked through the door this morning. Unlike when I was working with Jaxon, Tristan doesn’t let me do my own thing in my own time. No, he keeps coming in and seeing what I’m doing, and breathing over my shoulder.

I hate it.