Bought for Christmas(9)

By: Doris O Connor

Mama, at least had been on her side, and had encouraged her to go university instead and obtain her midwifery degree, but her mother had never openly defied her husband.

Leo had avoided Emilia never once looking at her, and her brother just kept reiterating the fact that this wasn’t his fault. She squared her shoulders, and took the last step until she stood in front of Hunter. As usual his heat drew her in. Mixed with the hint of spicy aftershave and virile man it sent longing through her veins. She would do her utmost to please him this weekend, and in turn would be able to forget about her worries.

“Ready, kitten?”

She nodded not trusting her voice to work, and he cupped her chin to make her look at him. His calloused fingertips stroked her skin and left tingles of awareness in their place, as she fell further under his spell.

“If you’re having second thoughts, then now is the time to voice them. I shan’t hold them against you.”

Leo swore and her father huffed in the background, but she paid them no heed.

“No, second thoughts, Sir,” she said, and his smile of approval chased the last of her misgivings away.

“Good girl, then let’s go.”


Hunter damn well nearly swallowed his tongue. To see her standing before him, head bowed, hands clasped behind her back had made him hard enough to pound concrete. He had taken a chance letting her know in explicit detail what he expected of her this weekend, and her written responses had taken his breath away. It was clear from her list of limits that she had some experience in the lifestyle, and to see her having followed his instructions seemingly to the letter made him slip into full Dom mode.

Whatever else happened this weekend, he had her signature on their contract. She was his to do with as he pleased, and barring her using her safeword, he would push her to her very limits.

Emilia turned on the doorstep and looked back at her father and brother, lips set in a tight line that made his gut churn, and got his bear into fighting mode. His beast would like nothing more than to tear those two men to shreds. They should have stopped this. Should have protected her honor, business be damned. Instead, they had thrown her to the proverbial wolves. It would have been quite literally so, had Hunter not intervened in that card game. Jason Lavender had goaded Leo into putting his sister on the table. There was no way Hunter could have stood back and let that wolf get his claws into Emilia. She was his, always would be, and if even if she rejected him, he would look after her from afar. No fucking way was another shifter going to get as much as a sniff of her.

“Good bye and Merry Christmas.” Emilia’s softly spoken words tore a hole in his gut, and he grasped her by the elbow to steer her outside. Her father, at least, looked as though he was going to say something, but Leo simply looked bored, turned on his heel and went back into his father’s study. When this was all over and done with, Hunter would have to sit that pup down and pummel some sense into him, if need be. Had he been lucky enough to have a sister who loved him he would have moved heaven and earth to keep her safe.

“Emilia, wait.”

She froze, and Hunter let go of her, as her father stepped up behind them.

Robert Duncan glanced up at Hunter, and then raised his hand as though to touch his daughter, but he let it fall back down to his side and stared at the floor.

“Know this. If there was a different way…”

Hunter crunched his teeth and swallowed his bear’s growl. Sadness enveloped his girl, and he drew her back against him with one arm round her waist. Emilia trembled, and he willed her to be strong. If she backed out now…

“Surely what you mean is if Leo wasn’t a drug head, and you had the guts to see him for what he truly was this never would have happened, right?”

Duncan’s head shot up, and he glared at his only daughter.

“Leo is not—”

“Spare me, Papa. I tried, I really did, but you’ve always preferred him and are blind to his faults. Which is fine. I’m used to it after all, but Leo needs help. Not pampering. He’s an accident or overdose waiting to happen. Do something right and get him the help he needs. That’s what Mama would have wanted.”

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