Bought for Christmas(5)

By: Doris O Connor

“Wha-what are you doing?” Her breathless question shot straight to his groin, and he tightened his hold on her and smiled.

“Taking care of what’s mine,” he said, and she rolled her eyes and tugged again. This time he let her go, satisfied that nothing was broken and she would heal.

“Why did you do this?” she asked and wrapped her arms around her. Hunter would have thought it was a defensive gesture, were it not for the blue tinge to her lips and the way she shivered. Her eyes widened when he took his coat and wrapped it around her shoulders.

“Here, you’ll freeze otherwise. Perhaps we should take this discussion into the warmth.”

Emilia shook her head with so much force more of her hair came out of her up-do, and Hunter fisted his hands to stop himself from reaching out and tucking her hair behind her ear.

“I’m not going back in there, until we’ve hashed this out.” She jerked her head back toward the house and blinked away tears. “Besides, I won’t be welcome unless I agree to this crazy stunt of yours.”

Hunter swore under his breath, and she looked up at him and gave him a watery smile, while putting her arms into the coat sleeves. They hung over her hands, so Hunter stepped up to button his coat up for her.

“You don’t have to do that.” She whispered the words, but he paid her no heed, and carried on, mentally thanking the designer for the double breasted buttons which meant he had the perfect excuse to linger. His knuckles brushed her erect nipples as he did up the last few buttons, and Emilia gasped. She didn’t pull away however, and it wasn’t fear or disgust he sensed from her, but arousal, and he inhaled deeply to pull her scent into his lungs. The action calmed his bear, but did nothing for his own state of arousal.

“Why?” she asked again, when he’d finally done up the last button, and leaned back against his car.

Hunter shrugged his shoulders, all ready to give a flippant reply, but the expression in her eyes as she looked up at him stopped him. The light was fading fast out here, the temperature dropping, and Emilia pulled his coat tighter around herself, as their breaths frosted in front of their faces. As a shifter Hunter didn’t feel the cold like humans did, but without his bear’s fur for protection he, too, started to feel the cold creeping up his legs. He stomped his feet to get the circulation back into them and stuffed his hands into his trouser pockets. It had the added advantage of being able to adjust his dick somewhat.

The floodlights came on, illuminating the gravel driveway, and he flinched and turned his head instinctively, all too aware that his scars repulsed most, if not all people.

Emilia gasped, and he expected her to run, to scream at him that she would never agree to this, but instead he sensed her movement. His bear bowed his head in submission at the tentative stroke of her fingertips over his scars. The digits were cold on his hot flesh, and he forced himself to stay still under her gentle exploration.

Neither one of them spoke a word, the air between them thick with tension as she trailed along the worst of his scars, and followed their path into the neckline of his shirt.

“Do they hurt?” she asked, and he croaked his answer.

“No, not usually.”

“They look as though they should.” She dropped her hand, and Hunter suppressed another groan as she put it on his chest, and left it there. “Do you mind? You’re so warm, and my hands are freezing.”

Hunter smiled down at her, and shook his head.

“No, I don’t mind at all.”

She brought her other hand up, and Hunter growled and pulled her in closer until she was wrapped up in his arms, and his bear smiled his approval.

Emilia sighed and snuggled in closer, and closing his eyes, he rested his chin on the top of her head, and enjoyed this precious bundle of curves in his arms.

“We should get you inside. You’re frozen, kitten.”

She shook her head against his chest.

“I told you, I’m not going back in there. They as good as sold me to you, for fuck’s sake.” She stiffened and tried to pull away. Hunter tightened his grip on her, and after a moment’s struggle she relented and sank back into his embrace.

“Leo says you got him drunk, and that you cheated him out of his shares, but you didn’t, did you?”