Bought for Christmas(14)

By: Doris O Connor

Hunter fisted his hands on his thighs to stop himself from flipping her over and driving his cock into her over and over, and the coppery scent of blood filled his nostrils as his claws ran out and pierced his skin.

“Sir?” Emilia’s hesitant question broke through the hazy fog in his brain, and the bed depressed as she clambered off. Her small hands ran up his legs, and a shudder went through him when she nudged his legs further apart with her shoulders.

He opened his eyes to find her kneeling between his legs, and when she blindly reached for his cock, he damn well nearly leapt of the bed.

“Don’t.” He tried to inject some authority into that word, but then Emilia wrapped her hands around his shaft, licked across the top of his dick, and he stopped thinking altogether.

“Please let me, Sir.” Her hot breath whispered across his wet slit, and nerve endings flared to life as she started to stroke him, hesitant at first and then with a firmer grip until he let his head fall back and fisted the bedcovers to stop himself from fucking her mouth.

“Take me in your mouth. Suck me, girl, and make it good.”

Emilia whimpered, and pleasure consumed him when she wrapped her lips around his tip and swirled her tongue over it. She took him deeper with every suck despite gagging on his length, and Hunter grabbed her hair and took over. The fact that she let him, that she relaxed her jaw until he hit the back of her throat repeatedly, and swallowed around him as the first jets of his release shot through his cock, meant he couldn’t hold on. His orgasm shot through him at lightning speed, and he came with a roar that shook the windows and robbed him of the ability to do anything other than collapse back on the bed and keep breathing.

By the time he could do so without seeing stars, he became aware of Emilia licking him clean. Having finished her task, she wrapped her arms around his legs and rested her head on his thigh.

Hunter reached down to pat her head, and she snuggled in closer. He’d known she was submissive, had gotten a further insight into her psyche when he’d read her responses to the questionnaire he’d sent, but this act, right now, spoke volumes of how far her submissive nature reached and his heart contracted painfully.

There was no point in fooling himself. This woman had the power to bring him to her knees. If she rejected his bear…

Hunter groaned and threw his arm over his head. No, he wouldn’t allow himself to even entertain the notion. As though sensing his shifting moods, Emilia tightened her hold on his legs.

“Sir?” she asked.

Hunter reached down to wrap his hand in her hair, and Emilia inhaled sharply.

“You do realize, you’ve earned yourself a punishment for this, don’t you?”

He could feel her smile in the kisses she trailed up his thigh, and he had to grin.

“Yes, Sir, though I think that would be unfair. I was merely being a good girl and making sure you were comfortable, Sir.”

The intonation she put on the title was pure sass, and Hunter pulled her up by her hair.

“You’ll definitely pay for that, kitten. Now get up here and this time do as you’re told and go to sleep.”

Emilia clambered up him, and he caught her mouth in a bruising kiss that left her breathless and limp sprawled all over him.

It took considerable effort on his part to get them both moved under the covers, and Emilia snuggled in, yawned, and then wiggled.

“Damn it, I have to pee.”

Hunter couldn’t help it. He burst out laughing, and Emilia grinned up at him when he raised himself up on his elbows better to see her. She mock pouted, and a big bubble of happiness burst in his chest.

“This is not funny. How can I sleep, when I have to go? It’s cold out there, dammit, and I can’t see a thing. Why did you have to turn off all the lights?”

Hunter frowned, not wishing to remind her of his reasons. The feel of his scars didn’t seem to have repulsed her, and his dick hardened slightly as he recalled how she had used them moments before to get herself off, but he wasn’t ready to let her see them in all of their ugly glory just yet.

“I can see perfectly well, kitten,” he said, and she swatted his chest lightly.

“Well, bully for you, Sir, but that doesn’t help me now, does it?”