Bought for Christmas(12)

By: Doris O Connor

The temperatures must have dropped further because his feet crunched on the ground, as though he was treading on ice, and when she lifted her head to see, an ice cold draft made her snuggle back in. Like her very own electric blanket his body kept her warm and safe. He shouldered the door open, and Emilia gasped in delight. The cabin was as charming inside as it had been from the outside. Rustic well-worn furniture was grouped in a semi-circle in front of the blazing fire. A kitchen galley was separated from the living area by a counter that seemed to have been carved straight out of a large oak tree. A narrow hallway led to the back of the cabin, and Emilia counted three doors. One was clearly the bathroom, and the other two bedrooms. Hunter stopped outside the end door and kicked it open.

A wooden bedstead dominated the middle of the room, and her tummy did curious flip flops when she saw the many anchorage points situated in the frame and the four posts. Clearly this wasn’t an ordinary bed, and the thought of what he might do to her in this room made her breathing speed up. A huge wooden chest sat at the end of the bed, and Hunter chuckled softly when he saw her reaction.

Depositing her on the bed, he stepped away and watched her from under hooded lids, and Emilia barely resisted the urge to fidget.

“Sir?” she asked, and he grinned. An extremely unsettling grin that made her wonder what else he had planned.

“Make yourself comfortable, kitten. And don’t look so nervous. It’s late, and you’re half asleep. When I fuck you, I want you wide awake for it.”

“I’m not that tired,” she said, and Hunter’s eyes seemed to glow in the dim lighting of the room. He hadn’t bothered to switch on the light, and she noticed he once again turned slightly so that the light that spilled into the room illuminated only his good side.

Her heart broke a little for him, but despite her earlier comments, she was too tired to argue this out with him. She tried to hide her yawn, and Hunter flashed her another smile.

“Of course you’re not. It’s been a long day, and I know I could do with some sleep, so stop arguing, kitten. Take your clothes off, go and freshen up in the bathroom, and then get under those covers.”

He didn’t wait to see if she complied, just turned on his heel and left the room.

Emilia stuck her tongue out at his departing back and promptly burst into hysterical giggles. What else was she to do, and as for freshening up … yeah, sure. He expected her to be able to walk. She managed to shrug out of her dress, but the bra fastening was beyond her fumbling fingers right now. She would close her eyes and lie there for a bit. Yes that was much better.


Hunter quietly closed the outer door to the cabin behind him and shrugged out of his clothes. His bear took over, and he dropped to the floor and let the shift consume him. Bones cracked and rearranged as muscles bunched and shifted. Fur covered his body keeping out the cold, and he leapt off the porch in one fell swoop. It felt good to let his beast run. He cocked his head to listen and grinned. Emilia’s movements had stopped, and her even breathing told him that she was once again fast asleep. As much as he wanted to join her, he didn’t trust himself right now. He needed to run off that restless sexual energy coursing through his veins, and there was only one way to do that. Hunter hadn’t let his bear out to play in far too long, and he took off at a run. The earth crunched under his paws, and he let out an almighty roar. This was his territory. No one would come too close, but he wasn’t taking any chances, not with his mate sleeping in his cabin. By the time he scouted around the perimeter of his property, the first flakes of snow covered his brown fur, and he picked up speed to return home. Shaking the snow off of him, he shifted back into his human form, and picking up his previously abandoned clothes, re-entered the cabin. The way the snow was coming down now, the whole area would be covered come morning.

Emilia had loved the snow as a child, and he wondered briefly if she still did. He looked in on her, to make sure she was all right, and his intention to keep his hands off her went out of the window.

Half covered by the bedspread she lay on her side, the curtain of her blonde hair spread out over the pillows like a golden halo. The gentle curve of her spine called him to taste. To run his claws along the ridges of her vertebrae until she writhed under his touch. His bear rumbled his agreement with this plan, and his cock hardened again.