Bought for Christmas(10)

By: Doris O Connor

Tears welled up in her father’s eyes, and Hunter cleared his throat. Annalisa would be so fucking proud of her daughter right now.

“Leave your mother out of this.”

“Why?” Emilia asked, and Duncan shook his head. “She’s always with us, and you know this is not what she would have wanted. You’ve changed, Papa, since she died, and I get that. I miss her, too … so much.” Emilia voice choked up with emotion, and Hunter pulled her closer into him still and dropped a kiss on her hair.

“She would have wanted us to carry on living, though, and you’re not doing that. If you do one thing this Christmas, then do that for me, please.”

Duncan opened his mouth to say something, but Hunter shut him down.

“Enough of this. Let’s get you out of here, kitten, unless you’ve changed your mind.”

“No, Sir, I haven’t. Please, just let’s go.”

A shiver went through her when the ice cold blast of air hit them the minute they stepped outside. It looked as though the weather forecast was right for a change. They might get a white Christmas yet.

“It’s warm in the car, kitten. Let’s get you in there.”

Emilia didn’t say anything, just let him steer her around the car, open the door, and guide her to her seat. He clipped her seat belt on for her, and frowned when she still didn’t respond.

She stayed quiet and silent, as he drove away from her father’s house. Negotiating the busy roads took up his attention, but when they joined the motorway to take them up north, and she still hadn’t said anything, he knew he had to do something. He set the car to cruise control, and reached inside his trouser pocket to finger the remote to the vibrating egg she ought to be wearing. Time to see how closely she had followed his instructions…

He flicked the control on and grinned when Emilia jerked and sat up straighter. He slowly increased the vibrations until she grasped the dashboard. Beads of perspiration broke out on her skin, and her breathing grew erratic as she threw him a glance.

“You have no idea how much it pleases me to see you’ve followed my instructions. Such a good girl, but you won’t come without my permission, will you?”

“No, Sir … I … oh.”

Emilia squirmed and panted, as he increased the vibrations to maximum for a few seconds before he dropped them back down again. Eyes closed, lips open, she hung onto the dashboard with white knuckled fists and groaned, and he chuckled to himself. She would be beautiful when she came, but not yet. Time to notch up the stakes a bit.

The traffic slowed, and Hunter took over the controls of his car again, leaving the egg to vibrate at just the right setting to keep his girl on the edge. He stopped right beside a lorry, as the traffic ground to a halt, and he increased the vibrations again.

Emilia’s little mewls were music to his ears, and he adjusted his throbbing dick with one hand while he kept her on the edge of painful arousal.

“Pull your skirt up and let me see how wet you are, kitten.”

Emilia groaned and shook her head, and he yanked that dial up to maximum again. She jumped and whimpered, the fine sheen of arousal covering her skin, as the vibrations no doubt threatened to push her over the edge.

“No coming without my permission, girl, and look at me.”

Her eyes flew open, their usual bright greenish blue darkened by her dilated pupils.

“Please … Sir … he’ll see.”

Hunter knew without asking who he meant. As it happened the lorry driver wasn’t looking their way, but should he choose to look down he would have a front view seat of his girl squirming.

“So, you better give him a show then, won’t you?” Hunter smirked at her outraged gasp that turned into a full blown moan when he reached across and ran his fingers through her wet slit.

“Hmm, such a naughty girl. If you leave a stain on these seats you’ll be cleaning them, kitten.” He flicked her clit, and Emilia went rigid.

“God, please … I need to come, please…”

Oh she pleaded so prettily, his balls drew tight, and Hunter was in danger of making a mess of his own. He withdrew his fingers and licked them clean, and he knew his bear was showing in his eyes, when he grasped her hair and pulled.