Body Shot(5)

By: Kelly Jamieson

What the fuck. He didn’t care about the money. Money meant shit to him. But he had to admit it had felt good to be able to step up and offer it so they could finance their business. What started as a joke had quickly developed into so much more, although it was different for each of them. Beck didn’t care if they made money…but dammit, he wanted to be successful, and the money was validation that they were doing a good job. Cade was driven to succeed too, but for different reasons. Cade had grown up in a totally different socioeconomic environment than Beck, and for him the money was power and security he’d never had as a kid. For Marco, succeeding was a way of proving himself worthy. The business was also a constant in his life, like the Navy had been. None of them had ever had the support of their real families, so they’d become one another’s family.

Even though the money didn’t matter to Beck, it mattered to Cade and Marco, and he couldn’t let his buddies down. They’d all shared the same fear of failure and drive to be the best when they’d met in BUD/S training, and they still shared those traits, now driven to reinvent their lives and make a success of their business. They all made their own contribution. Plus, it was fun, and also…it was a good way to meet hot chicks.

Chapter 2


“Huh?” Hayden blinked at Carrie, who’d just arrived at her condo to pick her up for their Saturday night outing. Hayden had just walked in the door after spending the afternoon over at Aunt Gina and Uncle Colin’s, preparing some meals that her uncle could reheat, throwing out moldy food, and cleaning, which he apparently was incapable of doing. She loved her uncle, but that bathroom was disgusting.

“It’s a tequila bar on Ocean Boulevard.”

“We’re going to a tequila bar?”

“Yeah. They have this tasting night. It sounds fun.”

Hayden frowned. “I hate tequila.”

“Just because of that one night in college. This won’t be like that. Besides, I already bought tickets, so we have to go.”

“You have to buy tickets?”

“Yes. It’s forty dollars and you get to taste different tequilas and learn more about them. Also we get some food, I think.”

Hayden shook her head, mystified. “Okay.” She looked down at her shorts and grubby T-shirt. “I need to change.”

“Yes, you do.”

Carrie followed her into her bedroom. Hayden plucked a white shirt and pair of black pants from her closet. “This okay to wear?”

“Absolutely not.”


Carrie grinned. “Come on. You’re not going to work. We’re going out for fun. F. U. N. Remember?”

“What am I supposed to wear?”

“Something sexy.”

Hayden snorted. “Right.”

“Oh, come on. I know you have several little black dresses you wear to business dinners. Wait. I’ve seen those dresses. We need to get you a sexy little black dress. Okay, tonight you can wear jeans.”


“Yes. With a sexy top. Come on, let’s check your closet. I know you bought some nice things that day we went shopping in the Gaslamp Quarter.”

“That was a year ago.”

“And you’ve probably never worn them.”

Carrie stepped into the walk-in closet in Hayden’s bedroom and surveyed the contents while Hayden stepped out of her shorts.

“Skinny jeans,” Carrie murmured. “Okay, this top.” She pulled out a camisole.

Hayden sighed. “I love that top, but it’s just not me.”

“That doesn’t make sense. If you love it, then it is you.”

The pale pink silk was heavily embroidered with burgundy flowers and dark green leaves, with some beads for a bit of sparkle, and a sheer burgundy bow at the bottom of the V neckline. Hayden snatched the hanger from Carrie. “Fine. I’ll have to change to a strapless bra.”

“Oh, just skip the bra. The top is loose enough that you can’t tell.”

What the hell. Moments later, she had the camisole on over her jeans. She inspected her reflection in the mirror and made a face.

“Let me do your hair,” Carrie said.

“I don’t know if I have enough patience for that.”

“It’ll be quick.” Carrie moved to the bathroom and plugged in the flat iron sitting on the long white marble vanity. “I need a hair tie.”

“That I have.” The only hairstyle Hayden could accomplish was a ponytail, which was most often how she wore her hair. She pulled open a drawer and handed the elastic band to Carrie.

Carrie turned her by the shoulders, brushed her hair over one shoulder, and did a messy fishtail braid, leaving some pieces loose in front. Then she gave those pieces a quick bend with the flat iron. “Nice,” she pronounced.