Blood & Roses:Warriors of the Krieger(9)

By: Theresa Hissong

Lydia laughed, “Could be why he’s sending a Nachtmann to watch over your home, too.”

“Well, I don’t know him. If he thinks he can control me just because of a dream almost three hundred years ago, he’s got another think coming.” I clinched my fist and promised myself not to think of that damn dream again. The one thing I didn’t want to deal with was an obsessive warrior trying to boss me around.

Dragus planned on sending someone to the house to watch over me. I’ll show him. Whoever shows up, I’ll just send them on their merry way back to town. Wait! Ha! Dragus didn’t know where I lived. Well, on second thought, he was a Krieger, he’d find out.

“Charity,” Lydia sighed. “You need to get to know him. It’s fate! Do you have any idea how long he’s been waiting on you?” Good Lord, did that woman just swoon?

“You really believe he knows about the dream?” I was skeptical. This was the first I had ever heard of the Krieger background. Of course, I haven’t been around a lot of them. So I was clueless about Lydia’s observation.

“Well, yes,” she laughed and then took off through the door, but turned around just before leaving. “From what I know, he will not be able to be away from you. Once they find their mates, the warriors cannot be away from them. Think that over and get back to me.” Her tinkling laughter echoed through the room as she walked out into the club.

Disgusted, I scooped order forms up off the desk and made my way over to the liquor locker. We kept the booze locked up nice and tight; hence the name “liquor locker”. I paced through taking stock of what we had and what we needed. The whole time, I couldn’t get Dragus’ voice out of my head. When I closed my eyes, I saw his brilliant blue stare, piercing my soul. The last thing I needed was to obsess about the Krieger that marched into my office proving he was a tough warrior. I already knew how tough they were.

For some reason, he irritated me. I know he was from my dream and I had actually liked him all those years ago. But now, I am my own person. I don’t need a warrior trying to tell me what to do. Oh who am I kidding? Although he irritated me, I actually thought he was an intriguing, handsome warrior. Forcing myself to push him to the back of my mind, I grabbed the step stool and used it to reach the bottles of vodka on the top shelf. I continued taking stock; trying not to think of dreams and blue-eyed warriors.

Chapter 2


I don’t know what stunned me more, the fact that Charity was the woman from my dreams or the fact that she was such a royal pain in the ass. That woman irritated me with my every being, even though I knew she was my destiny. I think.

She was exactly as she had been in my human dreams all those centuries ago, beautiful beyond belief. Charity’s deep blue eyes pierced right through my soul. She still had the silken blonde hair that fell in ringlets around her delicate, heart shaped face. Pouty lips that just begged to be caressed. Her skin reminded me of peaches and cream. And she smelled of blood and roses. Obviously, she had just made a trip to the Red Cross, for her nightly feeding.

For months I tried to track her through her dreams. She was so scared of me that when I would speak to her, she would vanish. Which I assumed was her waking up from the nightmare I had caused. I never had a chance to tell her who I was or to even ask her where she was, so I could find her. After several months, she ceased to dream. My heart had broken, because I thought she had died. Almost three hundred years has past and I never believed that she had been changed into a vampire. Relief washed through me at the thought of someone changing her. I owed whoever that was a great amount of gratitude.

The other Krieger remained downtown to patrol the streets looking for Adam Castillo. I took the Hummer and drove back to the station to do some research on Charity. All vampires were required to have a file in the Krieger database. Everything was listed, from their birth parents to their current address.

I sat down in the rolling office chair and turned on my computer. The walls in this place were sterile white. No personal mementos adorned my desk or the walls around my office. The twins who were bonded had pictures of their mates on their desk. Would I ever get to that point in my life where there would be a picture of my mate on this desk? A few days ago I would have said “Hell no”.

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