Blood & Roses:Warriors of the Krieger(8)

By: Theresa Hissong

I heard Lydia’s heels clicking double time coming for the office. She flung the door open and looked pleased. “Please tell me you got a date with that hunk-a-man!” she demanded.

“No! It was strictly business!” I yelled at her. “Remember that guy that was in here a couple of nights ago? The one that was grabbing at the waitresses and trying to start a fight with that vamp lawyer?” I asked, changing the subject.

“Yeah, he was creepy,” she shivered.

“Well, I guess he was attacked by a Lycan and he’s turned feral; killing female vampires and humans. The Krieger Dragus wants us to be more careful. We need to put my security plan in place.”

“Oh, Dragus,” she purred. “What a sexy name.” Lydia actually sat back and fanned herself like a fainting movie star. Her acting skills needed work.

“Yeah, okay,” I laughed, unsteady. “Hey, he said we need to let our Nachtmann know. I guess once they’re bitten by a Lycan, they can walk in the daylight. Make sure you tell yours at home.”

“You don’t have one at your home, remember,” she said sarcastically. “Don’t you think it may be time to hire one?”

“Well, I have one now.” I grimaced. “He’s sending one to the house. Jackass got up before I could tell him no.”

“Well, he’s right, you need to hire one to keep watch over the house,” Lydia smirked. She reached inside her pocket and pulled out a nail file. The scratching sound of her meticulously sanding them made the hair on the back of my neck stand on end.

“Girl, I am 291 years old and you are 302. Each one of us is stronger than the W.W.F. put together. I think it’s pointless. My security system and access to my room could deter a thousand year old vampire. Now get out of here and go meet with the employees.” I shooed her toward the damn door before I got a headache. And so I could think about the warrior from my dreams.

I hung my head so that she wouldn’t notice my little freak out about knowing Dragus. Of course she knew me better than she knew herself.

“Wait a minute,” she said spinning around on her heels. “There’s something you aren’t telling me, Charity. What happened?”


“Bullshit,” she growled. “Spit it out, Harwood!”

Lydia knew about the dream. In the beginning, when I had first been turned, I told her about it. She had said then that it may have been the vampire who attacked me, but I knew that was not the case. The warrior in my dream was not out to hurt me.

“I need you to think back to when I was turned.” She nodded and looked really confused. “Do you remember me telling you about the human dream I was having for months before the attack?”

“Yes, about a warrior who was looking for you?”

“The warrior in my dream was him,” I whispered.

“Him who?” she asked, confused.

“Dragus,” I laughed.

Her eyes popped wide, “You’re kidding?” Her nails were all but forgotten. The file was placed back inside her pocket and she stood up out of her chair. Then she began to pace the floor.

“No, Lydia. I swear it was him!”

“That explains why he was so formal with you. He knows you too Charity,” she beamed. Lydia walked back and forth in front of my desk, pacing as she spoke. “It’s been said that the powerful ones, like the Krieger, have had their destiny’s chosen for them from the beginning.”

“What do you mean?” I asked, confused. Lydia sat down and rolled her eyes at me.

“When a Krieger is created, they are given powers beyond our imagination. This is because they are warriors. The first warrior, Akalika, held all the abilities. Only Krieger make other Krieger. Their blood is so powerful, that they pass down their powers to each new warrior, like a father to a son. It’s been said that Akalika had the ability to sense his lover before he even knew her. This special power has manifested over time to include, the ability for a Krieger to track his bonded mate anywhere in the world and contacting her in her human dreams.”

“Is that why he kept calling me ‘my lady’? It was like I was already royalty to him,” I asked. The thought of him knowing me also embarrassed me quite a bit. If he had known me, why didn’t he say something?

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