Blood & Roses:Warriors of the Krieger(7)

By: Theresa Hissong

My eyes flashed wide when I looked at the picture. This guy was familiar, very familiar.

“He was here three nights ago. That jerk was manhandling my waitresses and tried to start a fight in the back of the club. I had him escorted from the building. Who is he?” The man in the picture was very handsome. He had sandy blonde hair and beautiful green eyes, almost like emeralds. I have never seen that deep of green in someone’s eyes before.

“Adam Castillo,” Dragus reached for the picture. I surrendered it to him and then he continued. “His family reported that he was attacked by a Lycan about two weeks ago. We know that he has murdered three humans and four vampires since…and they were all women.” His voice trailed off at the end. I assumed he was saddened to talk about that last bit of information, which confused me a little. Krieger were known for their caveman like qualities. They’ve been trained to military precision, and were called ‘warriors’ for a reason.

Lycanthropes are werewolves who were born human. Once a human is bitten and the transformation is complete, there is no changing back. They are stuck like that for eternity. They lose all of their human memories and turn into beast of the night. They also scared me beyond death. Their patchy fur and wrinkled skin makes them look like zombie dogs. Yuck!

Vampires turn feral when bitten by Lycanthropes. The Lycan’s saliva is poisonous and will eventually turn them into a type of hybrid. From what I know of them, once their transformation is complete, they remain on two legs, but look like a mix of human and werewolf. They lose all humanity and when they feed, they kill. Well, more like eat their prey. The thought made me shiver.

“What does this have to do with me?” I asked, confused. Dragus’ eyes flashed a little as he shifted in his chair. His shirt pulled tight across his chest and I wondered how his muscles would feel underneath my hand.

“We have already had reports of him being seen in this area and we need you to be extra careful. Have your employees only leave the club in groups. Remind them to call 111 if he is seen.”

The human police had 911, we have 111. That was something that the Krieger and the human’s government established for calls concerning direct problems within the vampire community. Human police do not have the strength or the fire power to detain a feral vampire. When a vampire is enraged, there is no way a human can handle that type of strength.

“Yes sir, I will meet with all of my employees before they leave and activate our security protocol,” I said, absently playing with a paperclip on the desk. This little bit of information gave me some worry. I don’t want my employees hurt or scared. I made a mental note to revise my security measures.

“You have a security protocol?” he asked, surprised. I smiled at his confusion. Most of these older vampires still live in the past where women were helpless and couldn’t cross a road without help. Idiots!

“Yes,” Duh! “It’s something I wrote in to the employee manuals when I opened this place,” I announced proudly; point for me for thinking ahead.

“Very well,” he nodded and stood up to leave, but not before giving me the once over again with those sexy blue eyes. Damn, it makes my girl parts quiver when he does that. “Please make your Nachtmann aware of the problem as well.”

“Oh, I don’t have a Nachtmann,” I admitted. Annnndddd…..It took less than three seconds to get a reaction out of him. That’s a record for when someone hears that I don’t have daytime protection.

His eyes flickered then narrowed, “You don’t have one?” I could have sworn I saw the blood start to fill his eyes and then just as quickly, drain away. Oh, he’s mad.

“Nope, I don’t feel the need for one,” I shrugged.

“Well, I suggest you hire one,” he spat. “These feral Lycan victims can walk in the daylight,” his voice thundered. After a short pause, he sighed, “In fact, I will send one to your home at daybreak.” He stood up and marched his big ass Doc Martin’s right out of my office before I could protest. What an ass! I wasn’t only talking about his physical one – although I checked that one too – I was talking about his attitude. Granted he was the man from my dreams, but that didn’t mean I automatically liked the warrior.

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