Blood & Roses:Warriors of the Krieger(6)

By: Theresa Hissong

Dragus stopped one of the waitresses, Abby, and spoke quietly to her. She smiled and very slowly raised her scrawny little hand and pointed directly at me. I gasped, wondering what the hell they wanted with me.

Dragus’ face lit up like a child’s for a split second. His beautiful blue eyes seemed to momentarily bulge before settling back into the hard chiseled stone faced warrior he was known to be.

Did he recognize me? No, that was my dream. Dragus had to be years, if not centuries older than me. How would he have known about me? There was no way I was going to mention this to him; he may think I’m crazy.

They marched in a precise military formation toward the bar. I risked a glanced over at Lydia. She had removed the clip and was primping her already too straight auburn hair, shifting nervously in her seat. Just like her to think of her own hormones first, instead of doing a little freak out like me; wondering what was going on. I stepped off the stool just as they approached.

“Are you this establishment’s owner?” Dragus purred in a sultry, raspy kind of way. His voice reminded me of a deep, sexy roll of thunder on the horizon. His accent was hard to place, maybe Romanian. Yeah, something like that; it didn’t matter to me. It was sexy as hell; just as I remembered from my dream. I noticed how his eyes wandered from the top of my head to my breasts to my feet and back up slowly. It was all I could do to keep from chuckling at his assessment. Dragus’ lip turned up slightly, just the corner of his mouth raised in a half sided smile.

“Um, yes,” I whispered. “I’m Charity Harwood.” He held his hand out for mine. Once I reached up, he immediately sank to one knee, placed his right fist over his heart, and kissed the back of my hand. If my heart still worked right, it would have exploded. The feel of his velvet lips against the back of my hand was like a shock to my body. Every nerve from the top of my head, to my toes and all the ones in between tingled and I know damn well I shivered.

“My lady, I am Dragus, head Krieger for Port Royal,” he smiled again, and what a smile it was. “May I speak to you in private?” The way he said ‘my lady’ seemed a little too formal to me, like I was royalty. I blew it off as just his way of greeting a female of his kind, even though I have never met a Krieger who did that. Bonded females of the Krieger were to be address as ‘my lady’ or something formal like that, since the Krieger were considered royalty.

“Yes, sir, please come to my office.” I suggested and turned for the hallway. The room I use is fairly average size for an office. I had a standard wooden desk with my computer on top. Pictures in various stages of the construction of Nights plastered the wall. The wall itself was painted red just like the rest of the place.

Dragus left instructions for the other Krieger and followed me to the door behind the bar. I looked back and Lydia was leaning against the bar, sizing up one of the warriors, Ashby. I’m sure she will fill me in later. She was such a tramp.

Dragus took one of the two chairs in front of the desk as I walked around planting myself into my plush leather one. My senses picked up that he was watching me move behind my back. I suppressed a smile before turning toward him. I looked up nervously when he pulled a picture from his back pocket. Hell, his pants were so tight; I don’t know how the damn picture even fit into the pocket. His legs were obviously corded with muscles. Each one of them was as big as two of mine.

“Don’t be nervous, you’re not in trouble,” he guessed. I laughed, remembering that Krieger could sense the emotions of other vampires, along with their other special mystical powers. Little did he know I wasn’t nervous about possibly being in trouble; I was nervous about him in general.

“We’ve been searching for a vampire in the area. He’s been accused of murder against humans…and vampires.” The Krieger handed me the photo and waited. I gave myself a mental mind shake; putting the dream and his yummy looking legs behind me. I had to answer his question.

Usually criminal vampires were not known for killing others of our kind. It’s usually the rebels that make trouble for us. They can’t afford the Red Cross’ prices and still hunt in the night and because they wait too long to feed, they drain the human and mistakenly kill them.

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