Blood & Roses:Warriors of the Krieger(5)

By: Theresa Hissong

Lycanthrope venom was what changed a human into a werewolf, but to a vampire it was something different. One bite changed our kind into a weird hybrid; half vampire, half werewolf. Since not much was known about them, our objective was to destroy them.

We pulled into the parking lot of Nights a few minutes after they opened. Just a couple of blocks from the river, this restored warehouse held one of the most exclusive night clubs in town. The owner was said to be a woman named Charity Harwood. She and her friend Lydia Duncan opened the club about six years ago. From the information I have, the club has never had any problems, which is a welcome sight. It gets old trying to keep these places in line, so they don’t end up vampire whore houses.

I noticed the parking lot was well lit and there were two security guards patrolling the area. For that I had to give this woman credit. She was prepared.

The other Krieger followed me to the entrance. I flashed my badge to the attendant at the door. He pulled back a red velvet rope and ushered us inside. I heard music coming from the main floor of the club. It was something upbeat and modern, nothing like the music of my youth. There were only about twenty patrons inside when we stepped out of the hallway.

I stopped a passing waitress. The name badge she was wearing said her name was Abby.

“Excuse me, miss. I’m looking for Ms. Charity Harwood. Do you know where I could find her?” The poor girl looked at me like I was a giant. I didn’t mean to scare the child. Obviously she had never seen a Krieger up close. I sensed she wasn’t too far out of her transition, maybe just a few years. Her big green eyes lit up as she smiled.

Her hand was a little shaky as she held it up to point toward her boss, “She is the blonde woman sitting at the bar. Right over there, sir.”

I turned my head following her directions and saw the woman in question. And I froze. Quickly I gave myself a mental shake and marched forward. I felt a weird sizzle to the air as our eyes met.

I knew this woman.


They came in like royalty. Five Krieger drifted through the main entrance and slowed, looking around for someone. At the head of the group stood a vampire warrior, he was freaking huge. Six foot six of shear ass kicking brute force, shoulders as wide as a dump truck and the face of a Greek God. He had a strong chiseled jaw and perfectly high cheek bones. Long black hair pulled neatly into a pony tail showing off his warrior tattoo – a black dragon – on his pale neck, brilliant blue eyes, leather pants and an issued black t-shirt, showing his affiliation as a Krieger. His name was stitched across the left breast pocket. It read, Dragus.

And I knew him.

My hands began to tremble. Our eyes locked and I felt a weird tingling in my hands, as if I had to reach out for him. I gasped a few times when I realized who he was. Not that I had met him before, but I knew him from a dream. A few months before I had been attacked, I would have the same dream night after night.

In my dream, the town rumored that a warrior was trying to find me. In the beginning, I was scared, not knowing what I had done to have the warrior after me. It confused me that he would only search for me in the night, when everyone would be asleep. I would hide behind the old farmer’s barn, but in every dream he would find me. Just before I would wake up, the warrior would say, “I’ve been searching for you for a very long time.” And that was it. I would wake up confused, but after a while I was no longer scared. The dreams became such a part of my life, I felt like the warrior was mine. He was never mean to me; he just seemed relieved that he had found me.

I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt the Krieger that just entered the room was the warrior from my dreams so long ago. I watched him move just as he did in my dream, soft and graceful, but still with authority and pride. There was an aura of strength and power around him.

I gave myself a little internal shake because I couldn’t think of him right now. Only Lydia and I knew about this dream. I had to look away before someone caught me gawking at him. My eyes moved from his to the other warriors who followed him.

The four other Krieger were standing at attention behind him; I knew this because they all sported the same dragon tattoo on the right side of their necks. The tattoos were all identical, each one starting just behind the earlobe; the dragon’s nose peaked out underneath. The dragon’s body curled into an S, ending with the pointed tail resting on top of their collar bone. They were not as large, but still built like brick shit houses. The warrior behind Dragus was just as tall, but with very short blonde hair, his shirt said his name was Ashby. The two beside Ashby were identical twins. They both had disheveled brown hair and golden eyes, which meant they were mated. The twins stood just a few inches shorter than Dragus. Their shirts read Bastian and Powle. Last but not least, Rowland. He was absolutely scary looking. There was a scar that ran from just under his right ear, to the underside of his chin and through his lips and that’s where it ended. Obviously this was a human scar; vampires heal too quickly to get them. His hair was long, almost even with his chin and his eyes were the color of coal. The part of his face that wasn’t ruined by the scar was soft and inviting. Like you just couldn’t help walking up to him and stroking his cheek, but the rest of him screamed Viking, from his set jaw to his muscular chest, all the way down to his boots. Rowland smiled at Lydia and she shivered. His bright red hair and crystal blue eyes with dark rims, never left her face. As he scanned the area, his eyes darkened; the blue no longer visible. His eyes now jet black. It was my turn to shiver.

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