Blood & Roses:Warriors of the Krieger(10)

By: Theresa Hissong

The system booted up fairly quickly. I typed in her name and pressed the enter button.

The first page said her year of birth was 1722. She was born outside the town of Aberdeen. This very small town in Scotland was destroyed by fires a few years after her changing in 1748. Her sponsor was listed as Lydia Duncan. Charity was a telepath, just like Adam Castillo, but not as strong.

I scrolled down the screen to read the reason for her change. Ms. Harwood had been attacked by a rouge vampire and Lydia had found her barely alive; she took it upon herself to change Charity. This was very close to normal for the records of the older vampires. Most of them had been changed against their will.

I scrolled down the screen and continued reading. There was a part of the application that requested additional information, if the applicant had been attacked. It simply stated ‘No Comment’. This section was there for our records. If there was a rouge vampire loose and was attacking humans unprovoked, we would step in and arrest the individual, no matter when the attack had happened. The absence of information told me either they did not know who attacked her, or she opted not to disclose the information.

I picked up the phone and called the Nachtmann headquarters. Charity did not have a daytime watchman and I just could not let her be alone at her home unprotected. She needed to have at least one daytime guard, maybe two.

“Master Dragus. What can I do for you?” Steven Smith was the head Nachtmann for the area of Port Royal. He was a human warrior, who has been helping us out for about fifteen years now. Nachtmann Smith retired from the human military and came highly recommended to the daytime watchmen.

“I want to hire a Nachtmann for a friend who lives just north of town. He needs to be highly trained.” As always, working with these humans, I felt the need to be straight forward and let the authority ring true to my words. But deep down, my chest ached, not knowing the future of what will happen with these Lycans. With Charity possibly being involved, that ache turned into a raging fire in my dead heart.

“Let’s see who I have.” Steven rustled through some papers on his desk and then he cleared his throat. “Alright, Nachtmann Keith Pullman comes highly trained. I personally recommend him.”

“I will e-mail you the information on the client. Please remind him, he is not to handle her unless she is in danger. She also requires everyone to call her by her first name. All other orders are to come from me. Ms. Harwood will probably demand he leave, but explain to Nachtmann Pullman that I am the only one who can give him orders. If he has any questions or concerns, you tell him to call my cell.” I trusted Steven to obey my demands. Cut and dry, that’s the way I like it. It’s the way it should be.

Charity needed protection around the clock in my mind, but I couldn’t do that to her. She would kill me if I tried to tell her what to do. I figured that out almost immediately when I met her tonight. She was independent and very strong willed. I’m assuming she has been on her own for most of her life.

“Is this going on the Krieger expense account,” he paused. “Or do I need to set up an account for Ms. Harwood? She is not in the system.”

“No, Steven. You need to bill me directly,” I insisted.

Steven chuckled low under his breath, “Yes, sir.”

I took a deep breath and dialed Nights to talk to Charity about her new guard.


Order form complete, signed and faxed to the vendor; it only took me an hour. The night was looking good. Then again, the phone did have to ring and mess everything up.

“Nights! Charity speaking,” I answered in my perfect nightclub owner voice.

“My lady? This is Krieger Dragus.” Hmm. Damn hot and sexy thunder voice calling. No! He irritated me, I wouldn’t think of him that way.

“What can I do for you sir?” Man, I was doing a great job at trying to be sweet. Although he was a sexy, hunk-o-burning-love, he still aggravated me for some reason. And that damn dream didn’t help my whirlwind of emotions on the subject either.

“I am sending Nachtmann Keith Pullman to your residence an hour before sunrise. He comes highly recommended and has passed all security screenings,” he said proudly.

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