Blood & Roses:Warriors of the Krieger

By: Theresa Hissong

Warriors of the Krieger Series Book 1

Chapter 1


Sunset, my own internal alarm clock, had set exactly six minutes ago. I knew this because I went from dead to fully awake at 5:45 P.M. Ah, winter, a vampire’s best friend; less daylight.

It was early January and the temperatures outside were close to freezing. The first snowfall of the season had been two weeks ago and the forecasters were calling for another round in the next day or so. I’ve always loved a good snowfall. Sitting on the porch listening to the soft hum of the delicate flakes falling, as if they have no care in the world, was my favorite thing to do, ever.

Closing my eyes, I let my senses range out listening for any sign of danger. This was my evening ritual for the past 265 years. You never know who, or what might be waiting outside to ambush you; hunters, werewolves, or those scary want-a-be vampire followers. Those humans scared me just as bad as the hunters. There’s nothing like a bunch of teenage freaks chasing you, begging to be turned into a vampire. I can honestly say that they are the most annoying part of my existence.

Granted, I was encouraged to hire a professional Nachtmann, but I feel pretty safe and don’t think one is necessary. Or maybe I’m just extremely stubborn.

Nachtmann are highly trained, human bodyguards, who serve as daytime watchmen over a vampire’s home. They have passed all security protocols, training and even lie detector test to be qualified for the job. My best friend Lydia, she has two. Show-off!

Well, everything checked out, so I slid out of the bed and jumped in the shower. After toweling off, I walked over to the closet, swinging the doors open wide. I chose a pair of black, form fitting jeans and a long sleeve hot pink sweater; finishing it off with a pair of sexy ass boots and tossed them on the bed. Oh, how I love my boots! From my dresser, I grab a matching hot pink bra and panty set from Victoria Secret. No Wal-Mart undies for me. With my rack, I love good push-up bras. So sue me. I added little makeup to enhance my royal blue eyes and a little gloss to highlight my already too plump lips to complete my look tonight. Now that my make-up was all done, my heart shaped face smiled back at me through the mirror over the sink. I had to meet that friend of mine shortly at the local Red Cross for our nightly feeding. After that, off to the vampire only club I own in downtown Port Royal.

The town I have called home for the past ten years is on the east coast of the United States. The city itself isn’t very big, but there is a large population of vampires for this area. On the east side of the Pearl River, most of the area was riddled with low income housing. The crime rate in that area is as much as a larger city. The west side is the newer and more upper class part of town. The club I owned, Nights, is only three blocks from the river on the west side.

The building was a two story, former warehouse in the River District area of town. When I purchased it, I had a contractor come in and reinvent the inside. The dance floor is a beautifully polished hardwood that Lydia and I found in the local paper. A human had stripped them from a house he was flipping and gave them to whoever would haul them off. Because I had saved on the dance floor, that let me spend a little extra on carpeting for the entryways. We choose a blood red carpet and had it installed. The walls remained white to contrast the dark colors of the carpet and black pub tables.

After a fast blow dry, my hair was looking exceptionally well. Some mousse to set my bouncy blonde curls and I was good to go. Thank…you know who, that my hair was exactly the way I like it the day I died. Well, just saying ‘I died’ was better than, attacked by a crazed vampire, drained of blood and rescued by Lydia. Forever frozen at the ripe young age of twenty-six; I have no worries about wrinkles, cellulite, or saddle bags. Yippee!

Lydia, my eternal best friend, is also my maker. Not by choice, but I’m thankful she was close the night I was attacked and dragged off into the woods. Without her, I would have been one with the earth by now.

I had gone outside of our family cabin, on the outskirts of the town of Aberdeen, to retrieve wood for the fire. My father died a few months prior and because I was the oldest, I took on the role of helping mother around the house. The night was very cold and my younger brother and sister were suffering from a minor illness. My mother wanted extra wood placed by the fire in case we needed it during the night.

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