Blaze:Satan's Fury MC- Memphis Chapter (Book 1)(8)

By: L. Wilder

“You got it.”

I placed our order, then I went over to the nurses’ station to grab my things. After we said our goodbyes, we went downstairs to my car. When we got to the diner, I wasn’t surprised to see that it was crowded. Daisy Mae’s was known for their amazing burgers and shakes, and it was a hotspot for not only tourists but the locals as well. I parked the car next to a long line of motorcycles, and as I opened the door, I turned to Robyn and said, “It might be a minute. They look pretty busy.”

“Yeah, but they’re always busy.” Then, she reached for the door handle. “I’ll go with you.”

We got out of the car and headed towards the diner. As soon as we stepped inside, my stomach started to growl. With an exaggerated expression, Robyn turned to me and said, “Oh my God! It smells so freaking good in here! I can almost taste their French fries right now.”

“Me, too. I’m starving. I haven’t eaten since breakfast.” When I noticed the pies sitting on the counter, I suggested, “Maybe we should’ve ordered dessert, too. Gah! Look at that blueberry pie.”

“I’ll tell her to add it.” Robyn went over to the register and told the waitress that we were there to pick up an order. Seconds later she returned and said, “I added some pie, but our order’s still gonna be a minute. You want to grab a seat while we wait?”


I took a quick look around the diner, and as I searched for a place to sit, my attention was drawn to the men sitting at the front counter. And then my eyes landed on him. At first, all I could see was his back, but he still drew my attention. There was something about the way he positioned himself on that stool, the width of his shoulders, and all that black clothing. Then, he turned around. At that moment I swore the earth stood still, and I suddenly found it difficult to breathe, like all the air had been pulled from my lungs. I tried to turn away, but couldn’t. For whatever reason, I was drawn to this guy, and as I fought the urge to step towards him, I heard Robyn say, “Holy cow. Check out that guy at the counter. He’s freakin’ hot.”

We’d both crossed paths with plenty of bikers before, but never once had I seen one who’d looked like him. With just one glance, my traitorous body was feeling things that it had no business feeling, especially for a man who represented everything that I despised. He wasn’t just any biker. Along with the others at the counter, he was wearing a Satan’s Fury cut, which clearly warned everyone around that he was a member of the most notorious motorcycle club in the country. There wasn’t a person in the entire city who didn’t know how dangerous these guys could be—that they’d killed the very men who’d come through my ER. It should’ve been enough to make me look away, but it wasn’t—not even close, and I cursed myself for it.

Without taking my eyes off him, I replied, “Yeah, he’s hot, but—”

“No buts about it, Dee. That man is fine!”

She was right. One look at this badass biker and any woman would swoon, even if he was a vicious killer. With his dirty blond hair and rippling muscles, he was good looking—extremely good looking, and as I stood there staring at him, I imagined what it would feel like to have the arms of such a strong and dangerous man like him wrapped around me. The very thought had me spellbound, and while I knew it was wrong—very, very wrong—I couldn’t stop myself. My heart pounded. My knees trembled. And just when I feared I might do something I would probably regret, he turned and looked right at me. As soon as those gorgeous blue eyes met mine, the entire room grew still. While it was just a moment’s glance, it was enough to leave a lasting impression long after he’d turned his attention back to the men next to him. I could still feel the heat of his stare on my skin, making my entire body hum with an unexpected thrill of desire. Damn.

I was still trying to gather my composure when Robyn nudged me with her elbow. “Watch this.”

To my horror, Robyn turned and started walking towards the group of men. With a warning tone, I hissed, “Robyn! Wait!”

Ignoring me, she kept going. Seconds later, she walked up to a biker who was sitting beside the man who’d caught my eye. I watched with dread as she tapped him on the shoulder, and when the dark-haired, burly brute turned to look at her, she gave him one of her sexy little smiles. “Hey there, good lookin’. I saw you sitting over here, and I just had to come over and ask … Have you and I met somewhere before?”