Bittersweet Love (A Bittersweet Novella Book 2)

By: J.L. Beck

A Bittersweet Novella Book 2


I was going to kill Mimi, and by kill I mean take every last article of her clothing and whip it from our balcony, in hopes that it would get ran over by a car and never be seen again. The girl didn’t know what packing light meant at all. Her excuse of us moving many states away was not a legit enough reason to pack boxes upon boxes of clothes.

“Mimi. Jones.” I yelled out into the hall my voice bouncing off the walls causing an echoing effect.

“I’m so mad at you, you have no idea, you better be hiding somewhere.” I was going to ream her ass to the fifth degree. Since opening all the boxes that I personally lugged up on move in day all I had discovered was clothes, upon more clothes. Did she find nothing else more important?

“Yes my dear Jenna.” She said in a sugary coated voice. She was trying to lay on the moves. She knew I would be mad. She came around the corner, looking at me as if I would throw something at her. I raised my eyebrow up at her gesturing to the three boxes of overflowing clothes.

“Oh come the fuck on Jenna. You know my love affair with clothes.” She whined, I was really starting to wonder if she found anything else necessary when going to college.

“I totally know your love affair, but you need to break up with some of this shit. It’s ridiculous, classes start in three days Mimi, and all you have is your clothes?” I would never understand how Mimi and I clicked. We were complete opposites, where she was strong willed and opinionated, I was weak and shy.

“How dare you?” She said gasping, while picking up numerous shirts and clutching them to her chest.

“I will never, ever break up with, or throw away any of my clothing.” I roll my eyes, thinking she’s such a drama queen.

“Okay, whatever but keep them under control, if they start needing their own zip code I’m kicking you out.” I said smiling at her. She knew the likelihood of that happening was slim to none, I needed her.

She gave me a dirty look just as I walked out of her bedroom and down the hall to mine. I had the balcony, and the awesome view that came with it. The sun was just setting, and since moving here this was my favorite spot come the end of the day.

“Why do you always sit here, and stare off into space.” Mimi asked startling me from my thoughts. She was lounging on my bed, acting as if I just hadn’t verbally abused her. That was the thing about an everlasting friendship you knew when to take things with a grain of salt.

“I am not staring off into space Mimi, I’m watching this awesome sunset. You should try it sometime; there are prettier things to look at than every malespecimenthis college has to offer.” She looked at me gravely, as if I was sick or something.

“Nothing is prettier than the men of Southern Cali you bitch. It’s like, heaven except with shirtless men everywhere; well actually I think that’s where the heaven part comes in.” She pauses as if thinking. “Anyway that’s not what matters. You’ve been here almost a week and you haven’t done anything, well except unpack.” Her eyes examined my room, down to the last nook and cranny.

“Oh stop, you’ve been here all but three days. What have you done?” I asked curiously. I really did want to know what she was doing. I hadn’t gone out or done a whole lot of anything, because I had the unrealistic fear that I would run into my ex and his bully of a cousin. Rex and I hadn’t spoken since that day in the parking lot almost nine months ago, and I wanted to keep it that way.

A sly grin appears on her face, and I can’t wait to hear all the crazy things she’s done. “Oh wouldn’t you like to know.” She knows damn well I would.

“Just tell me, or get out of my room, you're ruining my quiet time.” She lets out a short laugh before saying, “Okay, okay, no need to twist my arm. So I went to a couple bars off campus, and ran into a couple people you may know.” As the words come from her mouth her smile grows bigger and bigger; I knew it, I just knew it.