Bitter Truths

By: Sam Crescent

The Denton Family Legacy, 3


Ruby Santos had to stay hidden. Her brother, Lionel, told her to listen to him, and if she didn’t listen, she’d end up dead. She stayed in the closet that had a section of the wall missing so she could hide within it. Ruby hated it. There were always spiders inside, and they crawled over her skin. It didn’t matter what age she was, she always hated it.

She heard the front door slam open followed by a gunshot.

Covering her mouth, she tried her hardest to stay silent even as shouting seemed to echo off the walls. When she couldn’t handle it anymore, she covered her ears.

Then, as if by magic, everything went silent. Wiping away her tears, she strained to listen.

There were several men.

“Did you really have to do that?” one man asked.

“Why not? They’re our enemies.”

“No. We didn’t know that for certain, and you need to learn who is boss. They’re not enemies until they declare it.”

“Please, the Dentons are the boss. Everyone knows it. This order makes no sense. The Santos were their allies.”

“It’s not our job to question this. We do what we’re told.”

Who were these men? Why were they talking about the Dentons? Nothing made any sense.

“You sure that’s it? I thought they had a girl?”

“No. This is all that’s left. Come on, let’s get out of here.”

The door was slammed closed, and after a few seconds passed, Ruby climbed out of the wall, batting away a large spider that was crawling in her hair. She jumped up and down, shaking.

“Lionel?” she asked.

Moving from the room, she paused when she saw a body on the floor. He was bleeding onto her mother’s hardwood floor. He wasn’t breathing. Covering her mouth, she forced herself to go past him, and enter her father’s office. She wished she had walked away. Her father was shot, and dead in his chair. Her mother was slumped in a ball with a pool of blood beneath her.

Sobs erupted out of her chest as she caught sight of her brother. His hand was pressing over a wound that was being flooded by blood.

“Lionel!” She rushed toward him, grabbing the blanket from the sofa in the same office as she did. Pressing the blanket to his wound, she stared down at her brother.

“You should have stayed in the closet,” Lionel said.

“Please, don’t die. Please.” She couldn’t stop the tears, even though she knew he hated her crying. Tears didn’t help anyone, and she was a Santos. She had to be strong.

“Baby girl.” He stopped, coughing. “I’m dying.”

“No, you don’t die. You can’t do this.”

“Listen … to … me.”

She pressed on the wound trying to stop him. He cried out.

“You … have … to … go … Dentons …”

“They did this. Didn’t they? The Dentons, they did this?” She looked down at her brother, Fear gripping her as she watched him grow paler.

“Go … to … them … betrayer …”

“I will, Lionel. I will. I’ll go to them, and I will kill them. I promise. I will kill them for hurting you, and our family.”

“N-n…” He didn’t finish, and he was gone.

“Lionel? Lionel? Wake up. You have to wake up.”

She shook him, and screamed as she realized her brother, the only person in her family that she had loved more than anything, was gone. He was gone, and he wasn’t coming back.


That was the name she would remember.

She was going to avenge her brother’s death.

Every last Denton was going to regret taking from her.

Chapter One

Ten years later

“Who has the best cock in the world?” Oliver asked, ramming his dick inside the bitch’s ass. He loved his fucking job. What other job in the world, apart from porn, would allow him to bang the shit out of a woman’s body? Of course he had to bang her ass seeing as it was the tightest hole on her body.

Staring at the door, he smiled, waiting for the asshole to come home. He was a little traitor. Randal Fucker as far as he was concerned had gone to the Coltons, their enemy, to feed them information. Oliver was a Denton. He was loyal to his family, and the bitch that was seated on his cock was also loyal to the Dentons so she was going to be allowed to live.

Many years ago there had been a battle between the Coltons and the Dentons. They were two rival families, controlling independent cities. The history when it came to the Coltons was vague as fuck. As far as Oliver could tell, over a period of a year, the Coltons had betrayed them, and an all-out war had erupted. The Dentons had killed nearly every single adult Colton. The Coltons’ parents were gone, their empire smashed, and any associate was killed. Anything associated with the Coltons had been destroyed until only four children remained.