Big Men of the House:55 Book Story Bundle Box Set(9)

By: Wendy Pound

When I told all my friends, they couldn't wait for school to finish. We were finally going to have a pool all to ourselves. No more need to go to the community pool and have to deal with the kid pooping in the water. This summer was going to be the best ever. The last week of the pool being built, I stopped looking out my window. I wanted to be surprised.

Then the day finally came. All day at school, I just kept staring at the clock. Time was going by sooo slow. I just wanted it to be over. Then the bell rang and we all shuffled out of the halls and into summer. As we left school, everyone had a big smile on their face. The sun was out and the air was nice. It was the perfect day to go swimming.

My friends and I huddled into a group. We looked like a football team going over a play.“Okay girls, go get your swimsuits and meet at my place at 2 o' clock,” I told them.

Lisa looked at me with a dumb face, “Whose house are we going to?”

Jenny hit Lisa in the arm. “God dammit Lisa, you're so dumb. We're meeting at Rachel's. Now go home and get a swimsuit.” Once everyone knew the plan, we all scattered and went home.

I was so excited I could barely handle it. I was about to see the pool I had been waiting my whole life for. I drove home and pulled into the parking lot. I thought about cutting through the side yard to go straight to the pool. Instead I went inside first to see my mom.

“Congrats Rachel!” my mom yelled. “Are you glad to be done with school?”

“You have no idea,” I laughed. “Can I see it now?” I rubbed my hands together like I was about to eat a big meal.

My mom couldn't help but smile. “Hurry up and go check it out!” She led me to the screen door and opened it up. What I saw was absolutely unbelievable. They built exactly what I saw in the concept art. Everything down to the palm trees. It looked like something out of a fantasy. I walked outside and the the roar of the waterfall cascading in the pool was magical. The water was crystal clear and the rock slide looked amazing. I couldn't wait to ride it. The whole landscape of the backyard had been transformed. I knew I was going to be spending a lot of time out there.

I looked around, “Where's Adam?” I asked my mom.

“Oh he had to go finish up some work. He'll be back later. And don't worry, he won't bother you and your friends.” My mom kissed me on the forehead. “Go enjoy the pool, I'll bring some drinks out later!”

I ran back inside and upstairs as fast as I could. I wanted to change before my friends came over. I went through my closet and found my only two bikinis. I didn't have much to pick from him except for black and green. My black one showed off more cleavage and was sexier. My green one was more comfortable. I decided on the green one because I just wanted to relax with my friends.

Half-way through changing, I heard the doorbell ring. “Can you get the door, Rachel!” my mom yelled from downstairs. I looked over at the clock and it wasn't even two yet. My friends weren't known for being early to parties. I finished putting on my swimsuit by the time the doorbell rang again. I rushed downstairs and opened the door to all my friends laughing and joking.

“Hey guys! A little early huh?” They were too caught up in the conversation to say hi when they barged in past me. I followed the group of girls into the backyard and they all gasped when they saw it.

Jenny took her sunglasses off and her jaw dropped to the floor “Holy shit! Rachel, this pool is amazing!” She set her stuff down and dipped her feet into the water. “Oooo it's nice and cool!”

Lisa nudged my arm, “How did you convince your parents to do this?”

“I actually didn't. They wanted the pool and I got to pick the design.”

“Well I'll say you picked the right one,” Cassidy chimed in.

We each picked our own lounge chair and began applying tanning lotion. The sun was boiling hot that day and the water looked so appetizing. “Whose jumping in with me?” I asked. I walked over to the edge of the pool, my toes hanging off. I took a deep breath in and leaped off, doing a big cannonball. Water sprayed all over the girls still putting on sun tan lotion. I heard them yelling at me from underwater but it was easy to ignore them

After that, the rest joined in, doing their own style of a cannonball. We swam under the waterfall and there was a cool little hang out spot. The look on my face was priceless. My smile couldn't have been any bigger. I knew that this pool was going to make me very popular at school.

Just then, I heard Adam calling. I pushed through the waterfall to find Adam in his swimsuit, walking around saying hi to all my friends. His tan skin glistening in the sun. I'd never seen him shirtless before even though I lived with him for so long. He was more muscular than I imagined. I looked down to see the outline of his cock in his tight swimsuit. A warm feeling radiated between my thighs. My face felt flush. Why was I thinking about Adam that way?

“Hey Rachel, what do you think of the pool?” he asked as I lifted myself out of the water.

“It's amazing Adam! Thank you so much!” He gave me a hug and my breasts were pressed against him. I could smell his manly musk and that warm feeling came rushing back.