Big Men of the House:55 Book Story Bundle Box Set(8)

By: Wendy Pound

My pussy was so dripping wet that it was soaking the bed covers. Good thing we were doing it on my bed. Kevin was in such a rush that he didn't even bother taking my panties off. Instead he lifted my leg and pushed my underwear to the side as his big cock penetrated me. I screamed as his meat completely filled me up. I felt Kevin's hand cover my mouth to keep myself quiet. He thrust in and out of me as I whimpered behind his hand. I could barely breathe which made the pleasure all the greater.

Deeper and deeper his big cock explored. His other hand grabbed my hip and used it as leverage as he fucked me brutally hard. “Oh yeah, you like being fucked like this?” he whispered in my ear. Kevin was so large that my little pussy could barely contain him.

“Come inside me,” I mumbled through his hand. Extreme pleasure soared within and my orgasm came out of nowhere. All the muscles in my body shivered and quaked with ecstasy. My eyes rolled into the back of my head as my mind was overtaken.

Kevin's hand clenched my hip harder. “OH FUCK! HERE IT COMES!!!!” His cock exploded inside me like a bomb going off. A waterfall of cum shot deep within me. Kevin tightened his grip around my mouth to keep me from screaming from the insane orgasm. It felt like gallons of his seed were being pumped inside.

When he was finally finished, Kevin pulled out and I could feel his sticky cum run out of my pussy like a river. The consequences of not using protection was just a passing thought. Kevin pushed my hair aside and kissed the back of my neck. “You're mom is going to be back any second.”

I felt dazed. I couldn't think clearly. I watched Kevin get dressed and wondered how something so forbidden could feel so good. I wanted him again but I couldn't have him yet. I still had my clothes on and I got under the covers as Kevin turned the movie back on. We looked at each other and smiled. We both knew that we were going to have the hotel room all to ourselves for a whole week. We were about to have one hell of a naughty fuckfest.

After a week of unprotected sex, it didn't take long for me to get a pregnancy test. The fear of having a baby terrified me so much that I could barely pee on the stick. When the little blue plus sign appeared, I passed our right in the bathroom.

Kevin found me collapsed on the tile floor. When I came to, his eyes were filled with tears. He was holding the pregnancy test.

We were having a baby together.

Way Too Big

Summer was always my favorite time of the year. School was finally out and I could relax at home for months. I didn't have to think about homework or school projects. I could just sleep all day and hang out with friends. I remember one summer above any other. It was the one when we finally finished the pool at my house.

Ever since I was a kid, I begged my parents to put a pool in the backyard. When they got divorced, I didn't care about it anymore. I cared even less when my mom married Adam. I didn't like the fact that I had two dads except for Christmas when I received double the presents. Dealing with two father figures was a pain in the ass. Each one telling me what to do and contradicting the other. It drove me crazy. Now that I was older I'd learned how to deal with both of them.

During the last couple months of school, my mom and step stepdad came into my room to surprise me. “Rachel, you used to talk about this all the time and Adam and I have a great idea. What do you think about us putting a pool in the backyard?”my mom asked. I could tell she couldn't contain her excitement.

“Really?!!” I blurted out. I was completely shocked. I instantly flashback to when I was little and on my knees pestering my parents about a pool. I remembered even drawing an elaborate design on what the backyard would look like with one.

Adam spoke up, “I got a nice bonus from work and I thought that a pool would be perfect for the summer!”

All I could do what nod my head with the biggest smile ever. I imagined all of my friends coming over and hanging by the poolside. My mom could make us drinks and we could tan on lounge chairs. I was so giddy that I was bouncing up and down on the bed.

For the next couple months, the backyard was in shambles. Construction woke me up every day an hour before I had to be at school. The trucks and bobcats were so fucking loud that I couldn't even hear myself scream. I wanted to be mad but I'd always close my eyes and imagine how awesome the pool was going to be.

One of the coolest parts was that my parents let me pick the design of the pool. I was so glad that it wasn't going to be a boring rectangle shape. I flipped through the notebook of concept art and found the perfect one. The shape was a figure eight and on one end there was a huge waterfall with a rock slide that was built in next to it. On the other side, the pool fed into a small jacuzzi. After that, I was more excited than ever. The design showed palm trees and girls laying by the pool. I could already imagine myself as one of them.

Every day, I woke up and looked out my window to see the progress being done. It was so fascinating to see the backyard get totally transformed into a tropical paradise. When it was close to done, my parents told me that the first day we could use it would be the last day of school. They told me I could have a party with my closest friends.

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