Big Men of the House:55 Book Story Bundle Box Set(4)

By: Wendy Pound

“That was so amazing,” I said, gasping for air.

Christopher started putting his pants back on. I didn't even realize that he never even took his shirt off while we had sex. His face was stern. “That was your punishment and if you're ever bad again, I won't think twice about coming back in here and doing that again.”

My head swooned with the idea of him fucking me like that every night. I wanted to be bad all the time. Christopher left my bedroom, leaving me naked and wrecked on my desk. It took all the strength and effort in the world to get me over to my bed so I could pass out. I fell asleep instantly in a state of bliss.

The next day, my mother was surprised at my good attitude even though I was in trouble.

“So you're grounded, Amber. That means no going out.”

“Yeah yeah,” I said, playing around with my cereal. I could care less about what she was saying. Little did she know that her husband fucked my brains out the night before. She deserved it for what she did to my real father.

It was hard to hide a smile whenever I saw Christopher. Just the thought of that night sent goosebumps all over my skin. My parents could ground me forever and it wouldn't matter to me.

When my belly began to swell, I knew what my real punishment was.

Christopher gave me a baby.

I was terrified at first. The thought of me raising a child seemed ludicrous. But then I realized that it would be Christopher's also. That set my mind at ease. Christopher and me together seemed like the perfect fit.

When my parents found out I was pregnant, a whole new punishment began. Christopher came into my room every night and showed me how bad I'd been. He fucked me in so many different ways, loving my body like no other. He showed me what a real man was.

It felt so good to be bad.

Way Too Tight

My mom is a workaholic. She's always been obsessed with her law career ever since I was a kid. She usually would be out of town on a trial for weeks at a time. It was actually one of the contributing factors of why my parents got a divorce in the first place. So color me surprised when my mom comes home and says she's getting married.

“You're what!?” I screamed. After the initial shock wore off, I immediately wondered when she even had the time to date someone?

“I've been dating someone for a few months and he just asked me last night.” My mom shoved the big ring in my face. The diamond was absolutely humongous. She was as giddy as a schoolgirl.

“You've only been dating for a few months! If I went by that logic, Jack and I would've gotten married in the 6th grade!” I felt really hurt. Why did she keep something like that hidden from me?

“I'm sorry Amanda. Things were just going so fast. I didn't even realize we were this serious until it was too late. If I could go back in time I would've told you the minute I met Kevin.”

“His name's Kevin?” I asked.

“Yeah he's really great. I think you'll love him!” Her smile was miles wide. I hadn't seen her this happy in a long time.

“He sounds more like a serial killer to me. I hope you did a background check on him,” I joked.

My mom's face turned sour. “Oh Amanda, don't joke like that.”

I held her hand, acting like I really cared. “Sorry Mom, I'm truly happy for you. I can't wait to meet him.”

“I'm glad! I'll bring him over for dinner tonight. I was thinking Italian? Maybe some pasta, bread, and a nice pesto sauce.”

Those words made my stomach grumble. I didn't even realize how hungry I was until then. I wished she had already made the food so I could eat it right away. “That sounds really good to me,” I said, drooling on my t-shirt.

My mom kissed me on the forehead. “Thank you for being so understanding, hun.”

Later that night, I met Kevin for the first time. He was different from what I expected. He was handsome in a black suit with the dark hair combed perfectly. It looked like he came directly from his job. He was more muscular than I imagined. He was a lot younger than my mom too. His hazel eyes stared directly at me with all the confidence in the world. No wonder my mom jumped on this guy as fast as she could.

“You must be Amanda, you're mom has told me everything about you.” Kevin reached out his hand

I grabbed his firm hand. “That's funny because she hasn't told me anything about you.”

Kevin laughed loudly. “Yeah well we did move pretty quickly. It's nice to finally meet you Amanda.” His eyes looked directly into mine. I was so shy that I quickly looked at the floor. “So what's for dinner!?” I heard my mom and Kevin talk as they both walked away and into the kitchen. I knew that things were about to get very different.

Only one month later, my mom was married to Kevin. They went straight to city hall and I was the only witness. Most of my extended family didn't even find out for six months. Things got weirder when Kevin moved in. For some reason, I never even gave it a second thought to what was going to happen once they were married. My mom and I had gotten used to just us in the house since my stepdad left. Now with Kevin, the house felt very packed. His moving boxes took up every available space in the house.

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