Big Men of the House:55 Book Story Bundle Box Set(3)

By: Wendy Pound

“Don't talk back to me!” Christopher shouted.

His yelling froze me. My hands worked their way towards my waistline and unbuttoned my jeans. I swayed my ass back and forth as I pulled my pants down to around my ankles. Tears streamed down my cheeks as the shame set in. I wanted it all over and done with.


His open hand cut through the air, crashing down hard against my bare ass cheek. The pain was unbearable as I let out a cry of pain

“You've been such a bad girl,” Christopher said.

Another SMACK!

The second slap didn't hurt as much as the first. In fact, it felt kind of good.


I gripped the edges of the desk as I received the beating of my life. My ass was already sore after only a few slaps. Christopher grunted with every smack, hitting me harder each time. The pain faded into a sort of pleasure that excited me.

A soft moan escaped my lips that surprised me. Christopher stopped in the middle of spanking me probably because he was surprised too. He gently laid his hands on my ass, grabbing my cheeks.

I glanced behind me. “Hit me harder,” I instructed. Christopher angry scowl soon turned into a smirk.

He spanked my ass over and over again, causing me to moan incessantly. The pain turned me on so much. My pussy was wet with desire, dripping onto the carpet floor. I had never felt that way before. The feeling of needing. Of wanting someone so badly it hurts.

Christopher grabbed me by the hair and lifted me off the desk, turning me so I was face to face with him. Our eyes met and I could see the hunger. He felt the same desire as me. Our lips collided in a splash of ecstasy and passion. Christopher held my head as he shoved his tongue down my throat. His raging boner pulsed within his pants as it was pinned against me.

Christopher pulled up my shirt, exposing my big tits. His eyes widened as he bent down to taste them. He kissed my cleavage and licked my nipples, sucking on them like a baby.

I felt his hands on my shoulders as he forced me down to my knees. “Suck on me like a lollipop,” he said. Christopher unbuckled his pants and dropped them to the floor. His large cock stood straight up, erect and waiting.

I gripped his shaft with both hands, stroking his enormous member. I let a little bit of spit drool onto the head of his penis, lubricating him for my mouth. I opened wide, stretching my lips as far as they would go. I crammed him inside, sucking down hard like it was candy. Christopher moaned as he held my head, his fingers brushing through my hair.

My head bobbed up and down on his dick as he went in and out of my mouth. I pulled him out and ran my tongue from the bottom of his shaft, all the way to the top. Christopher shivered from the extreme pleasure. I put him back in my mouth, sucking on him harder than before. Christopher tasted so good and just the thought of his warm cum running down my throat made me even wetter.

I pulled Christopher's monstrous cock out. “Take me,” I said. I stood up and bent back over the desk, assuming the position. My large tits were smushed against the table as I gripped the edges again. Christopher slapped my ass once more, confirming that I was going to be incredibly sore the next day.

Christopher' fingers felt my wetness, rubbing my soft pussy. I glanced behind me to see Christopher tasting me on his fingers. “How do I taste?” I asked.

“Like heaven,” he said, smiling. Christopher grabbed my hips, teasing me with his hard cock against my pussy. The head of his penis, just barely touched my opening and drove me crazy.

“Just fuck me already!” I yelled. Christopher's fingers dug their way into my sides before he crammed his entire length inside me. My eyes rolled into the back of my head as the pleasure and pain mixed into a tornado. Christopher was so big that he barely fit. He dug his way through, pushing his cock deeper and deeper inside me.

“You're so wet,” Christopher moaned. He crashed against my body, pummeling me with his member. His hips slammed against my sore ass, sending waves of pain through me. Christopher pulled my hair into a ponytail, snapping my head back, and shoving his cock even further in me. “You like it rough, don't you?”

“Yes,” I nodded. Christopher used my ponytail as leverage to fuck me harder and harder. My neck strained as he pulled my head back. The desk slammed against the wall, shaking the house like an earthquake. If my mom hadn't been awake before, she definitely was now.

The pleasure built more and more. I felt myself slipping away into a ecstasy-filled coma. Christopher's grunting got louder and louder. We were both so close. “I want your cum inside me,” I told him.

Christopher's moans reached a fever pitch as he exploded inside me. Tons of his warm seed spilled in me. My orgasm went off at the exact same instant, making my pussy quiver with pleasure. My legs shook and my grip on the desk loosened as the ecstasy drove through me. Christopher continued pumping in and out of me while shooting his cum deep inside.

As the pleasure dissolved into heavy breathing, Christopher pulled out, releasing a torrent of cum. It ran down my thighs, drying all over me. I lay on the desk, my chest heaving my body up and down. My hair was tossed all over my face, falling into my open mouth.

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