Big Men of the House:55 Book Story Bundle Box Set(196)

By: Wendy Pound

I could tell he was getting aroused because his humongous cock began to pulsate. Matthew got on top of me and started to unbutton my dress shirt while he was kissing me. His lips felt different than before. They were warmer now. I sat up a little bit to get my shirt off and Matthew was kissing the top of my cleavage.

I reached down and grabbed his massive cock. I wasn't sure where to touch because it was so long. It didn't matter because wherever I touched him he moaned loudly. As I went up and down his shaft with my hands, I could feel his cock throbbing and it was getting thicker. He slid off my skirt and panties all in one go. I was a little worried that he might be too big to fit inside me.

My pussy was dripping wet. “I need you inside me!” I whimpered.

Matthew spread my legs apart as he mounted me. I braced for pain as Matthew entered me. Whatever pain I felt was overshadowed by the immense pleasure as Matthew's cock filled me up farther than ever before. Our lips met as his slid in and out. It was like a snake inside me, slithering about. I could feel my orgasm coming closer. Matthew was hitting the perfect spot and I needed him to stay there.

“Oh, right there! It feels so good!” I watched as Matthew's body glistened with sweat as he pumped in and out.

“Ohhhh Audrey, your pussy feels so wet!” Matthew talking dirty made my orgasm come almost immediately. The intensity was building so fast, my breath couldn't keep up with it.

“OH FUCK!! I'M COMING! I'M COMING!” I wailed. Matthew held me close while I screamed and convulsed in ecstasy. I was so woozy I could barely catch my breath. Matthew lay next to me while I tried to recover.

“How was that?” Matthew asked wickedly.

“Oh. My. God. That was better... than I could have... ever.. ever expected.” I said breathlessly.

“Ready for more?” But before I could even answer, Matthew flipped me over and put me in the doggy-style position. I could feel his rock hard cock teasing my pussy as he rubbed it around the opening. When he finally entered me, I moaned so loudly I was sure the neighbors could hear me. Matthew pounded me as I tried to hold onto the bed headboard.

“Fuck me harder!” I commanded Matthew.

Matthew started to slam his dick deep inside me and I could barely handle all the pleasure. All of the sudden Matthew stopped and pulled out. I thought that he was going to come on my back but instead he stood up on the bed. I turned over and I saw him holding his penis like he was waiting for me to put my mouth there.

I got close to Matthew and grabbed his cock with both hands. The head of his penis was so big that I had to open really wide and slowly let it slip in. “Use your hands like you are jerking me off while you go up and down the head of my penis with your mouth...”

Matthew stopped talking because he was so busy moaning. I guess I was doing something right. I kept sucking on his cock and then I started teasing my clit with my other hand. This whole process was turning me on so much and I just needed him inside me again.

I took him out of my mouth and begged. “Please let me fuck you. I need you inside me.”

Matthew lay down on the bed and I got on top of him. I didn't know how I could fit his whole entire cock inside. I played around with his dick a little before I guided it into my pussy. Matthew squeezed my tits and sucked on my nipples as I went up and down. I could feel his cock growing bigger and bigger inside me. Matthew's moaning was getting louder and louder and I knew he had to be close.

“OHHHHH FUCK! I'M COMING” Matthew howled. As Matthew said that, I could feel pleasure in my body that it couldn't contain anymore.

“HOLY SHIT! I'M COMING TOO!!” Our bodies convulsed as we orgasmed at the same time and I could feel gallons of Matthew's cum being pumped inside me. After our orgasms subsided, I got off Matthew and collapsed next to him. His milky seed was pouring out of my pussy as I caught my breath.

“So how was that?” Matthew asked with a grin.

“Oh my god that was so intense! Mmmmm I just want to go again but I don't think I can move any of my body parts.”

Matthew went to the bathroom to clean himself and I just lay there. My body was reeling. I dozed off before Matthew could even make it back to bed.

The next morning, I was nudged and opened my eyes to see Matthew fully dressed and trying to poke me awake.

“Good morning, sunshine!” Matthew announced with the biggest smile I'd ever seen. “You should probably get ready to go.” I slowly started to get out of bed when Matthew asked “Don't you have to get to school?”

Panic-stricken, I shouted, “Oh fuck! I totally forgot about class!” I looked at the digital clock next to the bed and saw that I was already an hour late. I rushed out of bed and put my clothes on like a speed demon.

As I was putting my shoes on, Matthew stopped me for a second. “I guess we now have one more secret to keep from your mom.”

“Yep! It will be our little secret,” I said with a wink.

“If you want... you could babysit tonight and then stay over again.”

But he already knew my answer. I couldn't stop myself from grinning and nodded my head. “I would really love that.”