Big Men of the House:55 Book Story Bundle Box Set(192)

By: Wendy Pound

“Is everything okay?Grace, can you hear me?”

His voice snapped me back to reality and I suddenly realized what I was doing.

“I think I need to go lay down again.” I stood up and placed my napkin on the plate. My food was barely finished but I had to leave now.

I walked past Wyatt and he grabbed my hand. “You don't need to go anywhere.” He pulled me over until I faced him. “I can smell your wet pussy.” He bent down a little and ran his hand up my thigh, collecting my wetness as he went. His touch sent shivers down my spine. He reached my pussy and felt my drenched panties. Just his light touch almost triggered my orgasm. But then he pulled his hand away.

“I've dreamed of you for so long,” he whispered in my ear.

“Then take me,” I replied, my heart beating loudly.

Wyatt embraced me and pressed his lips against mine. Fireworks went off all over my body. He held me close with his strong arms as he sneaked his tongue into my mouth. Our tongues played around with each other, swapping saliva. His hands moved down my back and underneath my skirt. He cupped my ass and squeezed my cheeks hard. My body roared against his.

I was so close to coming but I had to hold off. I backed away and lifted up my blouse to reveal my luscious tits encased in a black bra. I unhooked the bra and let it fall to the floor. Wyatt's eyes went wide at my large breasts and he proceeded to take his shirt off too. I couldn't keep my eyes off his strong muscles. I wanted to feel every inch of him inside me.

“Those tits look perfect,” he moaned, approaching me slowly. His hands reached up and squeezed my breasts. He pinched my nipples and I cried out from the pain. It hurt at first and then quickly turned to pleasure. He buried his face in between my mountain peaks as he sucked on my nipples like a baby. My climax was so close. I wouldn't be able to hold off any longer.

Just as I was about to come, Wyatt pulled away. It's like he knew exactly how my body was reacting. “I'm going to taste you now,” he said.

Wyatt wiped all the plates and food off the dinner table in one sweeping motion. The plates crashed to the ground breaking into a million pieces, sending food flying everywhere. Wyatt lifted me up effortlessly and set me down gently on the table. The cool wood felt good against my thighs. Wyatt pulled my skirt and panties off and tossed them to the side. We weren't going to need those anymore.

Wyatt licked his lips at the perfect view of my wet pussy. I could hear my wetness dripping onto the floor below. He spread my legs and dove in head first. His tongue touched my fleshy hood and I couldn't hold it back any longer.

I squeezed my thighs around Wyatt's head. “Fuck, I'm coming!” I leaned back on the table as the pleasure coursed through my veins. My pussy quivered as Wyatt tasted me. My body quaked with ecstasy.

The orgasm slowed down and Wyatt continued to eat me out. His tongue darted in and out of my pussy sending me overboard. “I'm so close, don't stop.” Wyatt licked me all over like a dog lapping up water. “Fuck fuck, I'm coming again!”

My muscles flexed and I squeezed Wyatt's head with my legs even harder. I flopped around on the dinner table, my eyes rolling into the back of my head. I couldn't even say anything as my body was paralyzed with pleasure.

My climax faded and Wyatt stood up, wiping my wetness from his mouth. “You taste so good, Grace.”

“Fuck me now, I need you inside me,” I begged.

Wyatt unbuckled his belt and unsnapped his jeans. His pants fell to the floor and his raging boner flung out. I gasped at the size of him. It was like a thick tree trunk between his legs. There was no way that thing could fit inside my tight little pussy.

Wyatt grabbed my legs and pulled me close to him. His giant cock was only inches away from my opening. The head of his penis rested on my clit and he rubbed it around. My hips shook from the injection of pleasure.

I looked down as I watched Wyatt penetrate me with his entire manliness. I screamed at the top of my lungs as my pussy stretched and stretched to fit all of him. He pushed his spear deeper and deeper and the pleasure increased tenfold. He pumped in and out of me with his bare cock and I couldn't take all the ecstasy.

“Harder,” I commanded.

Wyatt slammed into me faster and faster. His hips crashed against my legs with every thrust. I was getting so close and by the sound of Wyatt's labored breathing, he was close too.

“Don't pull out, I want you to come inside me.”

“Here it comes,” he yelled.

His cock exploded inside me like dynamite. My own orgasm set off at the same time. Our screams echoed throughout the room. Wyatt's shaft unloaded gallons of his cum deep inside me. My body rocked against his and I was so lightheaded. My vision started to get blurry and I wanted to pass out.

I shook my head side to side to bring me back to life. Wyatt pulled his massive meat out of me and his cum mixed with my wetness flowed out of my pussy like a river. The sudden void left behind was almost unbearable.

“Oh my god, that felt so good.”

Wyatt nodded, trying to catch his breath.

I could feel the warmness already coming back. “I'm still so wet for you. Fuck me again.”