Big Men of the House:55 Book Story Bundle Box Set(190)

By: Wendy Pound

Once they got divorced, I was kind of relieved. I missed his sexiness around the house but I finally had my life back. I wasn't trapped in my room, masturbating to the thought of Wyatt anymore. I could live my life again.

Now I was going back to him. But I was different now; more grown up, more experienced. I wouldn't be paralyzed around him like before. Right?

The plane landed and I burst out of my seat and off the plane to get a breath of fresh air. Any longer in there and I would've been blowing chunks into a puke bag. I went down to baggage claim and picked up my luggage. When I exited the airport, the bright sun warmed up my body. The weather was a perfect seventy-five degrees out. Only a few clouds to obscure a beautiful blue sky. I popped my sunglasses on and that's when I saw him.

Wyatt was crossing the street and walking towards me. He was dressed in a nice gray suit with a black tie. That meant he had just come from the office. His dark skin glistened in the sun and I had a flashback of him with his shirt off, mowing the lawn outside my bedroom window. I spent many a mornings watching him do sweaty yard work.

Wyatt spotted me and smiled. He ran over and gave me a big hug. “It's been a long time, Grace.”

“It's nice to see you.”

“Now let me get a look at you.” He let go of me and backed away. His eyes moved up my long legs, past my skirt, stopped briefly on my large breasts, and finally reached my face. “You've really grown into a beautiful woman.”

Redness flushed my cheeks. A warmness grew between my thighs. It was already beginning. “Thank you.”

He grabbed my hand and a spark of electricity jolted between us. “After that long plane ride, I bet your dying to get home.” He grabbed my suitcase with his other hand and walked me over to his car.

“Is this new?” I asked, running my fingers along the white Audi.

“Just got it a couple months ago. Do you like?”

“It's really nice.” I opened the passenger door and sat down inside. The leather seats were so comfortable and all the controls looked like they were from the future.

On the drive home, Wyatt talked to me but I couldn't focus. The warmness between my thighs had grown into a soaking wetness. This was just how it was when he was married to my mom. I tried to think about anything else but whenever I closed my eyes the image of his naked body popped into my head.

I closed my legs tightly together, hoping that it would contain my wetness. I didn't want to make a mess all over his nice leather seats. I needed to touch myself so badly. The urges were unbearable. My hand slowly drifted down to my lap and it took all the willpower I had to pull my hand away. I couldn't masturbate right next to Wyatt!

I placed both hands under my butt and sat down on them to keep them from moving on their own. My thighs rubbed against each other and it felt so good. Another few minutes and my orgasm was going to come whether I liked it or not.

Wyatt glanced over and stared at my bare legs. His longing looks didn't help at all. “Are you feeling all right?” he asked.

I didn't even hear him at first. My entire brain power was trying to keep myself from climaxing in the car. “Oh I'm fine. I still feel a little bit woozy from the plane ride.”

“Well we're home now. You can lay down for a little while.”

We pulled up to a large skyscraper in the heart of Los Angeles. The building almost reached the clouds.

The valet opened the car door for me and we were ushered inside and to the elevator. I barely got a look at the extravagant lobby. Wyatt slipped the valet a twenty-dollar bill before joining me.

The elevator dinged and the steel doors opened up. Wyatt smiled at me and pushed the button that said penthouse. I had forgotten how rich Wyatt was. I didn't even remember why my mom divorced him in the first place. He was perfect.

The doors opened up at the top floor to an unbelievable view of Los Angeles. It took my breath away and almost made me forget about the wetness that was running down my thighs. His apartment was filled with wood floors and stainless-steel appliances. A half-circle sofa was placed around a floating fireplace. In the corner was a bookcase filled with old and dusty books. His house looked like it came straight out of a men's magazine.

“This place is amazing,” I said with my mouth open in awe.

“I'm glad you like it. Let me show you to your room.”

We walked down a maze of hallways and I kind of waddled my way as I kept my thighs closed. Wyatt opened up a door to a massive bedroom. It was at least ten times the size of the dorm room I had to live in back at college. A large king-sized bed dominated the room and white built-in bookshelves lined every wall.

“I'll let you lay down for a little and then we can eat something for dinner.”

I nodded. “Thank you for everything.” Wyatt smiled and closed the door behind me.

I immediately slipped my black panties off and they were drenched in my wetness. I threw them on the ground and jumped on the bed. My heart was beating so fast and my chest heaved up and down. I spread my legs and put my hand between my thighs. My pussy was overflowing with wetness. My fingers grazed my clit and my climax hit me like lightning. My back arched with pleasure and I turned my face and screamed into a pillow as I rubbed my fleshy hood around. The ecstasy was so extreme that I almost passed out.