Big Men of the House:55 Book Story Bundle Box Set(16)

By: Wendy Pound

“I'm so close!” I moaned at the top of my lungs. My womanhood was being brutally pummeled and the pain and pleasure was mixing into a deadly cocktail. My climax hit me like a freight train and I screamed, “UHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!” This was one thousand times better than anything I could ever do to myself. My whole body convulsed and my pussy quivered.

“I'm going to put my seed inside you!” my stepdad yelled. I felt him burst inside me. It was the craziest feeling ever. It was like a fire hose was turned on and blasting off inside me. My own orgasm was going full steam and it had no signs of stopping. My eyes rolled into the back of my head and gallons of his seed were pumped deep inside me.

Then as quick as it came, it was over. My body relaxed and my stepdad pulled out of me. I could feel sticky seed running out of me and drying on my thighs.

“Oh, that was so amazing!” I exclaimed. I didn't want it to be over. There was an emptiness that only he could fill.

“Congratulations! You've completed the ritual. You will now hopefully be with child,” he said, completely out of breath. “You are fully a woman now. You may go out into the world and find a mate of your own.”

“What happens if I do not become with child? Will I get in trouble?”

“Of course not,” he smiled. “We'll just have to do it again.” Oh how I wished we could. That was the most remarkable thing I'd ever done. I wanted to do it all day, everyday.

My mom entered the room and pulled the sheets back. I quickly covered my naked body up. She looked down to see a red stain on the bed. Her eyes stared right at me and smiled. “Good girl,” she said, kissing me on the forehead.

“I want more mommy,” I begged.

She looked back at me and grinned. “Maybe we could so something with all three of us.”

Stuffed Hard

Being a nerdy girl didn't help much in the romance department. I'd always been shy and introverted, preferring to read books rather than go out with my friends. There was just something about crawling up with a good romance story on a rainy day and delving into the characters. My mom always told me that they were unhealthy for someone in high school. She said I needed to put myself out there. I agreed, I needed a change; I had to find “Mr. Right”...

“Hey Sophia,” Megan said, running down the hallway, carrying a load of books.

“Hi,” I replied, closing my locker door. “How was Mrs. Gringish's class?”

“Boring as usual,” Megan said. “She had us write poems and then present them to the class.”

Megan had been my best friend ever since we were kids. She was the “popular” one, being the head cheerleader and class president. For some reason she always stuck by me even though I made it difficult for her.

We left school and walked home like we did every day. Trees blew sideways and leaves soared through the air on the perfect Fall day. We strolled along the sidewalk, telling each other about our school days.

“So, I'm throwing a party tonight with some friends. I know it's not your thing but do you want to come?” Megan asked.

I always hated telling her no. She tried so hard to fit me in with her group of friends but it never took.

“I think I'll just stay home tonight. My mom and step stepdad will be happier that way. Plus, I'm halfway through this romance novel and it getting really good.”

“You still read that junk!” Megan exclaimed.

“No you don't understand, this one's different, it's a fantasy book. The damsel is taken by a dragon and the prince comes to her rescue, slaying the dragon and falling in love with her. The problem is, the damsel isn't of royal birth so they have to be secretive.”

Megan stared at me with one eyebrow arched. “Sophia, I think you really need to come out tonight. You'll have fun, I swear.”

“Thanks, but I'll talk to you tomorrow. Have fun at your party.” I waved to her as I walked up the driveway to my house.

“Have fun with your prince,” Megan said.

I walked through the door to find my mom and Liam, my step stepdad, sitting on the couch and watching TV. My mom only met Liam a few years ago and they got married right away. He wasn't my mom's usual type. He was big and strong but not the smartest guy.

“How was your day, honey?” my mom asked, never losing focus on the television.

“Oh you know, fun like always,” I said, running up the stairs and straight to my room. I closed the door behind me and let out a long sigh. The school week was over and I could finally relax over the weekend.

I jumped on my bed and grabbed the fantasy romance novel from the nightstand. The spine was creased and the corners bent. I took out my bookmark that stated in big letters: Reading is FUN! A smile crept across my face as I began where I left off.

The prince had saved the damsel from the terrible dragon and taken her back to his castle. They were alone in his private chambers and the tension was thick. My heart pounded as I grasped onto every word. They were just about to kiss when the King interrupts them. The prince tries to explain but the King takes the girl away and throws her in jail.