Big Men of the House:55 Book Story Bundle Box Set(13)

By: Wendy Pound

While in bed, I slipped my hand under the covers until my fingers found my warm wetness. I rubbed my fleshy hood around in circles. Pleasure pulsed throughout my body sending it into overdrive. I rubbed harder and faster. My head was swimming with ecstasy. My muscles tensed up. I could feel it building more and more. I wanted to feel that release so badly.

I bit my bottom lip. I was so close. My hand gripped the comforter as the pleasure exploded inside me. My whole body writhed on the bed like a demon possessed. Small moans escaped my mouth. My eyes rolled into the back of my head from the intensity. Then the ecstasy slowly subsided and my muscles relaxed. My chest heaved up and down from exhaustion. I wanted to do it again but I was afraid. My mother must've had a reason for warning me against it. I decided not to push my luck.

I woke up that morning with a huge smile on my face. I had the whole day to do whatever I wanted. I wished that I could watch TV but I knew my mom was going to be home all day. I had a few books to read for pleasure but they weren't my idea of fun. I had to get approval for every book that I wanted to read. If it didn't have to do with Jesus or the bible then I usually wasn't allowed to read it.

My favorite thing to do was laying in the grass in the backyard. I would stare at the clouds, naming all the shapes I could see. It was something I always did as a kid and it made me feel carefree again. I wanted to spend the whole day in the grass, getting all itchy.

My mom came into my room, carrying a tray of cereal and orange juice. “Happy Birthday! Taylor!” she announced. “I brought you breakfast in bed.”

“Thank you, mom!” I said from under the covers. My eyes were still tired and I wanted to sleep just a little longer.

My mother set the tray down on the bed. “Eat up, it's your special day! We can talk after you've gotten ready for the day.” I'd never seen my mom in such a good mood before. In fact, she had never made me breakfast in bed before. Why was this birthday any different from the others? And what did she need to talk about?

After she left, I dipped my spoon into the non-sugary cereal and swirled it around. I always hated this cereal I took a bite and swallowed it. It was so boring. I took a swig of the orange juice to wash it down. I finished my breakfast and got up to get ready for the day. I went to my closet which consisted of bland outfits. Most of them were flowing dresses and only in white.

It didn't take much to get ready in the morning. I wasn't allowed to wear makeup even though my mom did. When I was younger, I would sit in the bathroom and watch her apply it to her face. The ritual was fascinating to me. Now that I was older, I hoped that they would one day let me use it too.

I ran downstairs to find only my mom cooking some food. She was in such a good mood. I started to believe that she liked my birthdays more than I did. I was a little disappointed because my step-father was probably still out of town on sales. He wasn't going to be here on my birthday.

“What are you going to do today, honey?” my mom politely asked.

I sat down at the small kitchen table. “I was thinking about going outside in the backyard and relaxing.”

“Well that sounds nice,” she replied. “Make sure to wear some sun tan lotion. You wouldn't want that beautiful skin of yours to get burned.”

I rolled my eyes. “Of course mother.”

“Before you go out though, we need to talk about your birthday.” She stopped with whatever she was cooking and sat down next to me.


My mom continued, “The eighteenth birthday is very special for the girls in our family. It's the day when you finally become a woman.” I had no idea what she was talking about. I hadn't heard anything about turning eighteen before. “We can get into specifics later but first I have a couple gifts for you.”

“Gifts?” I was completely shocked. They'd never given me any type of present before.

My mom pulled out two rectangular boxes that were both wrapped nicely. “Happy birthday Taylor,” she said, handing the presents to me.

I hesitantly took them and stared. Opening presents was foreign to me. Was I supposed to do it gently so as not to harm the wrapping paper? Or just tear through?

My mom nudged me, “Come on! Open them up quickly!”

I set one of the presents down and focused on the other one. I tore off the paper in a frenzy. I was beyond excited to see what it was. I pulled out a see-through box that contained paints and brushes but they looked differently than the art supplies I already owned.

“It's a makeup kit!” my mom announced. I looked at it more closely and I could identify some of the same things that were in my mom's bathroom. I was speechless. I thought I wouldn't be able to wear makeup until I moved out.

I bounced out of the chair and into my mom's arms. “Thank you thank you thank you!! Can I go try it out?”

“Well you have one more present but I guess you can open it later tonight. Just don't make a mess in the bathroom!”

I kissed her on the cheek. “Thank you so much!” I ran as fast as I could to the upstairs bathroom. I opened up the makeup kit and set everything out onto the counter. I realized quickly that I had no idea what any of that stuff was. I'd seen my mom put makeup on a dozen times before but I never paid any attention to the specific names.