Big Men of the House:55 Book Story Bundle Box Set(12)

By: Wendy Pound

I rubbed myself against him and his body writhed beneath me. Adam couldn't take anymore teasing. He lifted me up and out of the water. He set me down on the edge of the pool deck. He slowly lowered his swimsuit until his large cock flopped out.

“Oh, fuck my tight little pussy,” I begged him.

Adam grabbed hold of my bikini bottoms and slid them off my legs. I wrapped my feet around Adam and pulled him in closer to me. Adam put one hand on my hip and the other he used to guide his cock inside me. As he pushed his way further in, it felt like his meat was never ending. I'd never been filled up so completely before. His first thrust was slow and soft. I wanted him to take me.

“Fuck me harder!” I screamed.

He put his other hand on my hips and used them as leverage as he forced his shaft deeper and deeper. He slammed himself against me with every thrust. Harder and harder he fucked me. I felt like coming but I wanted to hold back and wait for Adam.

“Will you put your seed inside me?” I asked innocently.

“Oh yeah, I'm going to cum so much,” he moaned. I felt his cock swell and then burst within. It was like an atomic explosion of sticky cum inside me. Adam's fingernails scratched me so much that they drew blood. I held onto him as he pumped in and out.

“FUCK! FUCK!! I'M COMING TOO!!!!” My skin felt like it was on fire with pleasure. Every inch of me was super sensitive. You could just touch me with your finger and I would've instantly orgasmed. I held both of Adam's hands as my body rocked back and forth. I flopped all over the pool deck like a fish out of water. The ecstasy was so insane.

Adam's thrusts slowed down and my orgasm subsided. He pulled out of me and I clawed at him to stay inside. I could hear his cum dripping out of my pussy and into the hot tub. The sun beat on me while I laid on the ground, trying to fill my lungs with air.

“We shouldn't have done that,” Adam said, completely out of breath.

“Oh my god that was so fucking amazing!” I screamed, running my hands through my hair.

“You're mom can't know about this,” he said, pulling his swimsuit back up.

“Oh I would never tell her. It'll be our little secret,” I winked.

Adam got out of the hot tub and I thought he was going to walk away. Instead, he jumped on top and straddled me. “You're mom won't be home for awhile longer.” He bent down and kissed me. A rush of pleasure flooded through me again. His cock throbbed against me. He was even harder than before. “Let's have some more fun,” he smiled.

I'll never forget that summer in the pool. Adam and I shared so many sexy memories there. It didn't take long before I got pregnant. Who knew that unprotected sex would lead to pregnancy?

When my mom found out that it was Adam's, she went ape shit and left us. It was for the best because that meant Adam and I could finally be together. Raise a child together. Create more sexy memories in the pool...

Way Too Stretched

My eighteenth birthday would be a night I'd never forget.

I had an odd upbringing. I had a very sheltered life because my parents didn't want the outside world “influencing” me. I didn't have many friends growing up so I had to settle for imaginary ones. My mother home-schooled me while my step-father worked as a traveling salesman. He would go door to door, selling bibles and other religious items. We didn't have a lot of money but our life was simple so we didn't require much.

I felt very alone, growing up. I always dreamed about going to a public school. I didn't really know much about it. I knew that the kids got to learn all sorts of subjects. My mom was very limited when it came to teaching. I mostly learned about the bible. Any question I had was dismissed outright. Whenever I brought up public school to my mom, she'd say it was completely out of the question.

We had a television in the house but I wasn't allowed to watch it. Late at night, I could hear my parents watching it and I always wanted to sneak down and get a peek. It wasn't until I was older and my first act of rebellion was turning on the television when my mom left me alone at home. The TV was a portal to another world. I learned so much from just watching it for twenty minutes at a time. It was so exciting. All the colors and the people talking. I could watch that thing for hours and hours. I knew if my mother caught me, I'd be spanked but I didn't care. It was totally worth it.

From what I gathered, I found out that I was a virgin. I had heard the term before but didn't know what it meant. Now I knew it was what my mom meant when she called me “pure”. She always told me that it was my duty to lay with a man but not until I was of age. I didn't find out that the age would be eighteen until it was my birthday.

Birthdays were always a special day for me. It wasn't like the ones I'd seen on TV though. Those birthdays had cakes, presents, and friends. Not for me, my birthdays were a little different. Birthdays were the day that my mom cooked whatever meal I chose for dinner. I also got the day off from school which was a huge deal since my mom made me study every single day.

The night before, I did what my mom had told me was forbidden. I'd been doing it for the past few weeks without telling her. It felt so amazing. I didn't no why she always told me never to do it. She just always said, “Taylor, you must never touch yourself down there. When you're old enough, that is the job of the man. I never disobeyed my mom but I couldn't help myself. I was addicted.