Between Her Bosses:Box Set(5)

By: Sadie Black

“I think you will find the list of stores and recommendations that I’ve compiled will help you.”

I peek inside the envelope at the fat stack of bills and pull out the neatly folded paper she’s referring to.

“Thank you.”

“Well, well look who we have here,” Mr. Dimples Lawson nonchalantly strolls up to us. “Welcome aboard Kadeesha,” he smiles and unlike Yvonne’s creepy clown smile, it looks like he’s truly happy to see me. “Thank you, Yvonne, I can take over from here.”

“Certainly, Mr. Lawson.” She clip-clops away in her 5 inch heels without saying another word to me.

“Looks like someone had a rough night,” Chuck, I mean, Mr. Lawson grins at me.

“I’m sorry Mr. Lawson, I, uh.”

“Call me Chuck, unless the bigwigs are around, of course. And never apologize Kadeesha. Getting out and having fun is what life is all about, am I right?” Mischievousness glimmers in his royal blue eyes while his adorable dimples make me melt.

“Absolutely, I couldn’t agree more,” I purr. How is it that this guy makes me putty with just a smile?

“Well, I won’t keep you, I understand you have an afternoon of shopping ahead of you. I’ll call up a driver for you to take you around. Jarvier should meet you at the front of the building in about ten minutes.”

A driver? Can this day get any better? “Thank you very much.”

“No biggie,” he waves his hand, dismissing my thanks. “You’ll get bored with the company car soon enough, trust me. Well, I’ll see you bright and early tomorrow, so try to get some real sleep tonight, ok?” He winks and I almost faint.

“It’ll be my number one priority,” I doubt I’ll get any sleep with all this excitement, but I’ll be damned if I say anything contrary to what comes out of his perfectly kissable lips.

“Great, well get a move on.”

I grab my cell phone toss it in my purse next to the obscene amount of cash I’m carrying. Chuck heads into his office, giving me a sneak peek of the apartment sized room.

“Oh, and Kadeesha?”


“Don’t forget to have fun!”

Chapter Three: Pretty Woman

Charday's eye's are saucers. I’m trying so hard not to laugh at how far open her mouth is gaping, it looks like it's unhinged. I’m playing it cool and collected while I direct the driver where to lay down the boxes of shoes, dresses, make-up, hair products and hats.

"Thank you Jarvier," I can see Charday out of the corner of my eye watching like I'm on a movie screen.

Jarvier tips his hat at me, "not a problem Miss Williams. I will be by at 7:30 tomorrow to pick you up."

"Really? You'll be driving me?" My collected façade cracks.

"Yes, of course, I'm your driver."

"Oh, I didn't realize it was a daily thing. Ok then," my face might split open from my smile. "Tomorrow at 7:30 then."

Jarvier tips his hat again and sees himself out of our cramped apartment.

"So, what do you think?" I beam at Charday. I must say, I'm enjoying seeing her speechless for once.

"Is there something you want to tell me?"


"You won the lottery?"

"You could say that."

"Is this for that job? What's going on? I thought you bombed that thing. I thought you said it was for a data entry clerk."

"It was! I've already been promoted to the personal secretary of one Mr. Dimples Lawson or Chuck, as he told me to call him."

"Chuck?" if her eyebrows shot any higher they might scrape the stippling off our ceiling. "The guy who tricked you into thinking he was up for the same job? How does this even happen? It doesn't make sense."

"I haven't even told you the best part," I might explode if I don't tell someone soon, "it pays $120 thousand a year, plus benefits!" Grabbing her floppy arms, I jump up and down, "isn't that amazing!"

Charday doesn't move, she doesn’t say anything, god, she doesn’t even blink. I think I broke her. What are the signs of a stroke again?