Between Her Bosses:Box Set

By: Sadie Black

The Complete Series_ Part One, Part Two & Part Three

(An Interracial BWWM Billionaire Romance Menage)

Between Her Bosses

Book 1: Indulgence

A Hot BWWM Billionaire Romance Menage

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Chapter One: The Interview

Try not to run. Don’t run! Instead, I scurry as fast as I can manage, without running. I made it! Just. I can’t believe I nearly missed this perfect job opportunity because of a broken down bus.

The waiting room, or the lounge as the secretary at the front desk called it, is an artfully twisted mix of steel and glass. Whoever designed the space didn’t exactly have a flair for making people feel welcome with all the sharp edges and muted gray decor. Maybe that was the point, though. One chair is left, I smooth down my dress and hope I don’t look like a hot mess. The carpet feels like whip cream under my feet as I take the seat next to a striking blond man in a gray wool suit. My nerves float away when he flashes his adorable dimples at me, I know that smile. Why was I worried about how I look? I know that my cinnamon skin is smooth like honey and I have good hair, all loose curls framing my face.

Am I under dressed? The 8 guys and 3 other women look like they either have the money to buy fancy clothes or the ones they borrowed just look a hell of a lot more chic than mine. My navy knee-length pencil skirt and white blouse that I thought looked so sleek at home is drab compared to the room full of suits and blazers, even on the women.

Dimples is looking me over. Shuffling my paperwork, I try to keep my eyes on my resume, but they keep being pulled to the side by his magnetic sex appeal.

“I’m Chuck.” He does have a beautiful smile too, his pearly white teeth are surrounded by fleshy and kissable lips. But it’s the dimples in each of his cheeks that get me. Did I mention his eyes? Because his are stunning. A deep blue in the center, spreading out to a lighter blue on the edges. Like a drop of ink in a cup of water. I can’t look away.

“Kadeesha,” I smile back hoping I have a similar effect on him.

“Are you ready for this?”

“The interview? I hope so.” My resume is solid and my references all love me, for a ground floor data job, I’m not sure what else I could do to be ready.

“I heard the head of this company works in the building.”

“Oh yeah? You don’t see that much, do you? If I had that kind of money I’d outsource.” I forget that there’s anyone else in the room, the way he looks at me makes me feel like it’s just us in our own little world.

“Yeah, he’s supposed to be a real ball-buster, or ovary-buster I guess.” His laughter is so rich and full, it sounds like a song.

“That’s how you get to the top, right?”

“I read on the internet that he’s also a temperamental brat, really moody and hard to work with.”

“Oh yeah? I don’t know anything about that,” I admit, “I haven’t read up on him.”