Beauty Sleeps (Fairytale Shifter Book 2)(5)

By: Alexa Riley

“Everything is pretty much done. Thank you for coming by and keeping the place up for me the past few years. I only needed to clean up a few things and make a couple of changes. I appreciate your mate sending me things as well.” Ruby is a good mate, and Dominic is a lucky male.

Dominic nods in understanding, looking me over as he does. I’m sure I still look a bit savage to him, with my hair down past my shoulders and my beard just as long. I don’t think he can see much other than my eyes when we talk.

“Ruby sent you some more clothes, although with the way you’ve been working, I don’t think anything will fit.”

I nod, not really caring if anything will fit. They’re just clothes. “Once your mate has the pups, she’ll be busy for quite some time.” I feel a pang of guilt saying that. I don’t mean that she should be caring for me, just that I’ll miss the cookies.

“Yes, we’ve thought about that. I think we’ve got it figured out.” He looks around at the house and nods his head like he’s come to some kind of decision. “What are your plans tonight, Xavier?”

“I’m going to kill a deer and smoke the meat. Why?” He’s asking stupid questions.

“There’s a little fair going on in town tonight. I think you should go see it.”

“Too many people.” I grunt the response, turning around to finish packing up my tools. I don’t have time for his dumb ideas. I like solitude and quiet. Town is loud and busy.

“Xavier, I think you should come. Don’t you want to see if you can find your mate now that the house is finished?”

At his words I stop what I’m doing. He’s right. I do want to find my mate, and unless she happens across this cabin in the woods, I probably won’t ever find her out here. I don’t turn around, but I nod my head in understanding. I’ve got to try to make an effort if I want to find her.

“I’ll see you soon, friend.” I hear him turn and walk back towards town, leaving me in my solitude again.

When I know he’s gone, I turn around and go back to the picnic table to look at the clothes Ruby sent for me. It’s a big paper sack full of things that are unnecessary, like shoes and belts. But I remember that she isn’t shifter so she doesn’t know this. I grab a pair of jeans and a button-up shirt and take them into the house with the basket of food.

I take the box of cookies with me to the bathroom and sit it on the edge of the tub while I run a bath. I carved an extra-large bathtub out of an old tree before the accident, because at nearly seven feet tall, it wasn’t easy finding something to fit me. And as weird as it sounds, I like baths. I think it’s a shifter thing.

As I soak in the tub and eat the cookies, I think about her. I don’t let myself dwell on her too much because it’s painful and doesn’t do any good. She’s probably mated and has had a few pups by now, but in my memories we are together. I close my eyes and picture her sleeping. I remember her eyes closed, her blonde hair spread out on her pillow, and her full pink lips soft with sleep. She looked like something out of a fairy tale, and she was too young for me to be watching her like that.

I let the memory fade, thinking she’s well beyond her mating age of eighteen, and as the alpha's sister she’s sure to be matched with a champion.

I finish the cookies and get out of the bath, deciding I need to let the memories go and try to move on. I need to focus on finding my mate and making my family.

I grab the clothes I picked out and pull on the jeans and button-up shirt. The jeans are too short, coming up above my ankles, but I don’t care. They’re just clothes. The shirt is no better, short in the arms and too tight across the chest. I don’t put on the belt or shoes because if I need to shift in a hurry, I want to be ready. Looking in the mirror, I see my wild hair and beard, and I just shrug my shoulders. I’ve made a nice home, what more could a mate want?

I take a deep breath and make the decision. I guess I’ll go see what’s going on in town.

Chapter Three


“I don’t know why I can’t stop doing this.” I rub my hand along Ruby’s pregnant belly. “Does it drive you nuts?” One of the babies kicks, making me jerk my hand back for a second, my eyes going wide. Wow, they’re so strong already. I wonder what it will be like when I have my own pups in my belly.