Beauty Sleeps (Fairytale Shifter Book 2)(12)

By: Alexa Riley

Once I’m in control of my skin again, I lock eyes with Stone and try not to challenge him. “You never liked me looking at her. Even before I went into isolation.”

“She was too young.” He grits the words out and clenches his fists. There’s something odd about the way he says it. Like he’s angry with himself as well. “She wasn’t of age, and you were looking at her wrong. You should have controlled it. You should have walked away from her.”

“Wrong? I never crossed a line with Gwen. My wolf knew she was special to me. We didn’t know at the time she was my mate, but yes, I was drawn to her when she was young.”

“You watched her sleep.” Again, Stone’s words are saying one thing, but guilt is pouring from him. “It wasn’t right. You shouldn’t have looked at her when she was underage. Even if you never acted on it.”

I want to question it, but I’m trying to control myself. I’ve been away from my mate for too long and the need is rising.

“I was with Gwen the day I lost my family. I felt so guilty because I was with her instead of protecting my family. I couldn’t bear to be around anyone again after that. If I couldn't protect my family, how could I protect her?” The confession makes my heart ache, but it’s the truth. I need Stone to understand my pain and let me out of here.

“And now that you’re mated to her, will you be able to protect her?” Stone’s jaw tics, and I can feel his anger. “Because I will let you die in this cage before I allow her to be with someone who can’t protect her.

Wrapping my hands around the bars, I step close and let Stone see the full size of my body. I’m naked, but no one is fazed by that; it’s normal for shifters. “I will die for her without hesitation. But don’t forget, alpha,” I say the word with emphasis because we both know I could take him in a fight, “if you keep me from her, not only will I go mad, but so will she. Gwen will feel every ounce of pain you’re willing to inflict on me.”

He raises his chin mockingly. “I’m prepared to drug her until you’re gone and the need passes.” My eyes go wide and a growl erupts from my chest.

I hear Dominic’s intake of breath. “Stone, you can’t be serious.”

He turns to the Dom and crosses his arms again. “I’ll do whatever it takes to keep her safe.”

I let go of the bars and step to the back of the cell. It won’t do me any good to lose my shit right now. I take deep breaths and keep calm as I try to think of a way out of this.

“Stone, the pack won’t let you do this, alpha or not. You’re going against nature by keeping them separated. You can’t do it.”

I feel my heartbeat pick up speed, and my wolf pushes forward. The need is coming over me and it’s getting out of control.

“Look at him. He’s already hurting and it’s only been a couple of hours. Gwen is going to be feeling the same pain as him. Is that what you want to do to her?”

I can’t look up to see his response. I’m too taken over by the pain. I let my wolf push forward, letting go of my skin and feeling him take control. It lessens the pain some when I’m fully shifted and all my senses are at their peak.

I start to prowl the cage again, going from one side to the other, keeping my eyes locked on Stone. I growl low in my chest, feeling the vibrations run through my body. It’s a challenge to Stone and to anyone else wanting to stand in my way.

He may have me caged, but at some point I’ll get free, and when I do, I’ll claim Gwen. Nothing will stand in the way of me and my mate.

“I’m getting the tranquilizer gun again. I think he needs to calm down before we can talk to him again.” Stone turns to leave, and Dominic looks at me with panic in his eyes.

He watches Stone go up the stairs, and he turns back to me. “I’ll do what I can to protect you, friend. He’s gone a little crazy himself, and I don’t know what’s going on. Be patient and try to stay calm. I know the mating is pulling you, but it won’t be much longer, and I’ll help you get out of here.” With those words, he walks up the stairs and shuts the door, locking it behind him.