Beauty Sleeps (Fairytale Shifter Book 2)(11)

By: Alexa Riley

I turn around, looking beyond my cell, and see that I’m in a large concrete room. There’s nothing else down here besides my cell, but I can see the small windows that line the top of the ceiling indicating I’m in a basement. The windows are too small for even my human form to escape, and I start to pace the front of the cell, trying to look for weaknesses.

Raising my nose, I scent the room, trying to find a trace of something. I want to find out where I am, and then I can begin to find a way out.

I lean into the bars. I can smell Stone’s scent. I’m either at his house, or he brought me to this place. I get a faint scent of Dominic as well, and I feel a little betrayed. He may have only been doing what the alpha told him, but it still stings to think he would cage me after everything we’ve been through.

I pace the cage a few more times until I hear two sets of boots above me, and then I hear a lock clicking. I keep up the steady prowl of my cage door, waiting on whoever has me to show their face.

When Dominic and Stone come down the stairs, I’m not surprised. I have some words to say to them, but I’m not ready to shift yet.

Dominic looks over at Stone and shakes his head. “I told you he’d be like this.”

Stone crosses his arms and widens his stance, looking unmovable. “He’ll stay there for as long as I think he needs.”

Dominic turns to me and I see the flash in his eyes. I don’t know if it’s anger or pity, or maybe a little of both. “X, change back. We need to talk.”

I look from Dom to Stone and shake my head. I need my wolf to be ready if they try something. If they open the cage, I need to be able to break out. I feel more comfortable in this form right now, so if they need to talk, it’s just gonna be on their side.

“Fine. If this is how we need to do it.” Dominic turns to Stone but neither of them speak. Finally, Dom rolls his eyes and begins talking. “I knew Gwen was your mate after the first time you saw Ruby and you tried to claim her. You said you scented your mate at the time, and Gwen worked with Ruby. Gwen makes all the cookies and that’s why you always like those best. Her scent is on them.”

I see tension flow through Stone but I don’t care. Hearing about my mate makes my need rise in me, and I start to whine.

“You can’t have her,” Stone growls.

I lunge at the bars of the cell, and Stone takes a step back. I feel a little satisfaction in the fact that I can rattle him.

“Everyone, calm down!” Dom yells, and I take a breath.

I need to get out of here, and I need to relax to do that. If I can somehow convince them that I’m docile, maybe they’ll let me out and I can escape.

“Stone, you know he’ll go crazy if he can’t get to her. He’ll go insane, and some wolves don’t come back from that.”

Stone gives me a cold look and then turns to Dom. “Would you give him over to Ruby?”

“She’s my mate. That’s different.” Dominic snaps.

“Gwen is my little sister. She’s all that I have left. I have to protect her.” Stone looks over at me and his eyes narrow. “Just like you should have protected your little sister.”

I snarl and lunge at the bars again, this time I throw my shoulder against them, and I feel some give. I snap at him, wanting nothing more than to sink my teeth into his flesh to punish him for his words. Pain rolls through me as the loss of my mother and sister hits me hard. He’s right. I should have protected them. What kind of mate can I be to Gwen?

“Goddamn it, Stone. What is wrong with you? That was an accident. There wasn’t anything anyone could have done and you fucking know it.” Dom looks at me, and I’m sure they can both smell my pain. “That was a long time ago, and we’re all still hurting for your loss.”

Stone lets his arms uncross and drop to his sides. “I’m sorry, brother.” I look into his eyes and I can see the remorse. He would only bring up something so painful if he was hurting, too. “She’s all the family I have left. I’m unmated, and if she’s mated to you, then I have nothing.”

I feel the weight of his words and I understand. I know what it was like to be lonely for so long. Even if I put the isolation on myself, it wasn’t easy. I have things I need to say to Stone, so I rein in my wolf and shift back to human form.