Beautiful Broken Rules(4)

By: Kimberly Lauren

I shifted to lift my aching foot off the ground. “Okay, well it was nice to meet you, but hopefully you can forget this was your first impression of me and we can meet again while I’m clothed. Seeing as we’ll be neighbors and all.”

Man, my foot was really bothering me standing on this concrete. I bent my knee and brought my foot up behind me to rub the bottom of it. Jaxon watched my foot come up and my hand rubbing circles on it. His penetrating gaze seemed to pierce through me, as he intently focused on my foot.

“I sure as hell will never forget this moment, meeting you like this. It’s nice to know I’ll have a hot neighbor.”

And cue the blush. Not only does he have that mesmerizing southern accent as Cole does, but he just called me hot. He’s also saying all this while still balancing himself on his motorcycle. That was my signal to get out of here.

“Alright, well, Cole, don’t forget we have Journalism in thirty minutes. Don’t be late and if you get there before me, please save me a seat, and don’t let the sorority bimbos take it this time,” I pleaded with him.

I’m usually a pretty outgoing person when it comes to meeting new people, but I hated that awkward first day dance you do when you have no idea where to sit, walking into a new classroom. It throws me off and makes me not feel in control. Cole and I are both majoring in Journalism, so we typically have the majority of our classes together. He understands me and tries to save me a seat, but a pretty face easily distracts him.

I waved them off and hobbled to my car, walking on the tiptoe of my injured foot. When I got to my trunk, I popped it open and thank the heavens there was a sundress back there that I hastily threw on. I breathed a sigh of relief at feeling comfortable again. As I rounded my car to open the driver’s door, I glanced back at the guys. Cole and Mason were already stepping up onto the porch to head inside. Jaxon was still balancing on his bike and staring at me.

Good grief, the boy was hot. I couldn’t tell how tall he was because he still hadn’t stood up off his bike yet. His legs appeared long and I could see his muscles bunching underneath the jeans that were hugging him perfectly. The black leather jacket looked like it felt like butter on his shoulders and his skin was tanned just enough to make his ice blue eyes pop. His hair was a warm dark brown, with a few natural highlights spread throughout it. It called for fingers to run through it, which it appeared he did on a regular basis. Each strand appeared as if it had a mind of its own and they were going to go whichever way they wanted. The front pieces were long and I could tell they would get in his eyes but he obviously pushes them over to the side. His face had just a little bit of scruff to add that rougher look to him. He was definitely no pretty California boy.

When I realized how long I had been checking him out, my eyes snapped up to his and he knowingly grinned at me. Oh, this one was going to be trouble; I needed the ball back in my court. So I tossed my hair over my shoulder, lifted my chest high and gave him my sexiest wink. Before I turned to sit down in the driver’s seat, I saw his jaw drop just a little bit. One point for me. That’s right Motorcycle Boy, I’m the one in control here.

Chapter Two

First Class

I ran by our apartment to shower and change into different clothes. I slipped on a pair of jean shorts, one of the local campus band t-shirts and some flip-flops. Quinn had cut a v-slit in my t-shirt, which was meant to show off my cleavage. She said, “We can’t have the boys forgetting you’re a girl, if you insist on wearing that awful shirt.” Like they could forget; I had D’s for goodness sake. I didn’t have time for makeup or curling my hair though. I never understood waking up extra early to get dressed up for class, but I’m also not husband-hunting like some of these girls. I barely had time to say hi and bye to Quinn in my rush through the apartment. I gave her a quick kiss on the cheek and made her promise she would be in the cafeteria to meet for lunch.

I made it to Journalism before our professor did, so that was always good news. When I dashed into class, I scanned the packed lecture hall for Cole. When I finally spotted him, he had two Chi Omega girls leaning in on each side to talk to him. It was pretty convenient as to how they leaned in toward him displaying their breasts perfectly. I’m not judging though. Can’t say I’ve never pulled that move before, I’m just bitter that they stole my spot. He glanced back at me and instantly mouthed an apology; I rolled my eyes at him and gave him a look that I hoped conveyed how much he would pay for this later.