Beautiful Broken Rules(3)

By: Kimberly Lauren

Okay, so I was going to have to work with this. I would not be humiliated. Pretty much everyone on Frat Row has seen me in my bra and panties before; it was just different when you had liquid courage coursing through your system versus without. That nasty sweat-stained shirt of Micah’s was looking better and better right now. I straightened my shoulders and tried the best I could to hide my limp. My car was parked right in front of motorcycle boy, so I had no choice but to walk right up to them.

“Good morning to you too, Giggles. Is that any way to greet a lady?” I asked Cole, nudging him in the stomach with my elbow, while he was still trying to catch his breath from laughing at me so hard. I glared at Mason who was also laughing. Motorcycle boy was just smirking at me. I smiled sweetly at all three of them, praying my cheeks were not as red as Quinn’s bra.

“I’m sorry, love. It’s just that I’ve seen you do the walk of shame before, but never with so little clothing. If more girls walked out of frat houses like this in the morning, I guarantee you none of these guys would be late for class anymore,” Cole stated, wrapping his arm around my shoulders and giving me a quick kiss on my temple as he squeezed me into him.

Quinn and I picked up Cole at orientation our freshman year. Quinn thought his messy, dirty-blond hair, and football player’s body was hot. When she expressed that a little too boisterously behind him in the school auditorium, he turned around with a huge grin on his face.

“Well, well, well, hello to you too, ladies,” he said in his pleasing Texas accent.

I think Quinn and I both sighed out loud at that. Being from southern California, we don’t have any kind of accent and neither do any of the guys, usually. He’s been with us ever since. None of us ever hooked up and that’s probably for the best, because I doubt we would be as close to Cole if either of us had. I love Cole like a brother, and he’s pretty protective over Quinn and me. Although, clearly he has no qualms over me showing off my goods to complete strangers or drooling idiots like Mason.

Currently, Cole lives in the Sig house, but his best friends from Texas were moving out here to join him at school, so he’s moving out to get an apartment next to Quinn and me. We were all pretty excited when the apartment right next to us became available over the summer. He has slowly been moving all his stuff in the last couple of weeks. We’ve been trying to get him to move out of the frat house since he moved in; it’s annoying to come visit him outside of a party. These guys are fun to take to bed and have drinks with, but when you have to study or have any kind of civil conversation, it’s basically impossible at that house. Someone is always yelling, drinking, or breaking something.

“Well, I thought I would try something new today. Spice up your life a little; keep you on your toes. Besides, someone thought it was a genius idea to throw my clothes in a tree out back. All of Micah’s clothes smell like sweat, sand, and I don’t even want to think about what else. So here I am, trying to get to my car for more clothes with my dignity in tact. Obviously that’s boding well for me,” I indicated, gesturing at all three guys. Mason and Cole continued laughing while Motorcycle Boy continued with that frustrating smirk of his.

“Damn, Em, you’re killing me, please come over to visit tonight. I’ll go buy your favorite beer,” Mason said while ogling my way-too-small bra. Mason and I had hooked up in the beginning of sophomore year. It was the worst minute and a half ever. I certainly don’t have to worry about breaking rule number three with him. It’s not happening with us ever again. I usually just ignore his advances.

Cole shoved Mason back and smacked him on the back of the head with his palm. “Emmy, this is Jaxon Riley, one of the guys I’ve been telling you that was transferring out here from back home. I’m sure you’ll meet his brother, Jace, later. They’re both moving into the apartment with me.”

Great… so we’ll be neighbors. Wow, do I know how to make first impressions. I started getting uncomfortable under this gorgeous guy’s blue-eyed penetrating gaze. He was hands-down the most attractive person I’d ever seen in my life. I rarely get embarrassed, but all of a sudden, I wanted to be anywhere else besides meeting Jaxon Riley in Quinn’s bra and my panties. The dentist, the gynecologist, in advanced statistics taking a final I didn’t study for that was written in German, anywhere besides where I was right now.