Beautiful Broken Rules(10)

By: Kimberly Lauren

“It’s really no--” I started to say.

“Emerson? Is that what Em is short for? How the hell did I not know this?” Micah interrupted harshly, looking pissed that this new guy could know more than he did. I shrugged out of his hold so I could face both of them at the same time.

“Guys, it’s Em, call me Em. I haven’t been Emerson in a long time,” I stressed, looking back and forth between them. “By the way, Jaxon, Micah. Micah, Jaxon. He and his brother are moving into the apartment with Cole.” They both did the guy nod at each other. Micah seemed to be sizing Jaxon up. Looks like girls weren’t the only bizarre ones around here; guys are such cavemen sometimes.

I started walking to my class instead of continuing the awkward staring. As expected, both of them followed along. I turned and continued walking the last couple of steps backward. “We don’t have another class together do we, Jax?” That was the first time I’d called him Jax and he smirked at his nickname. I wondered if Micah would be uncomfortable if I just grabbed Jaxon right now and sucked his lush bottom lip into my mouth.

I stopped walking outside of the biology lab. Jaxon stepped up in front of me and replied, “No, I already took environmental, I’m down the hall in physics. But I wish we did.”

“Alright, well I’ll see you around at home then. Thanks for the ‘dialogue’ today in class,” I said, while making air quotes, which I earned a smile for.

He started walking past me but stopped and bent his head down to mine. He whispered in my ear as he walked by, “Later, Emerson.” As he walked away, I saw him slide his cap back to the front. I turned to walk into class and Jaxon shouted back, “Oh, hey, don’t forget we need to finish talking about our bet. I already know what I’m going to get when I win!”

“Oh yeah, Mr. Confident, what’s that?” I tossed back.

“A fucking Hot Air Balloon Ride!” he hollered before stepping into his classroom, not waiting for my reaction. I stood there with my mouth wide open. This guy was ballsy and he was way too much like me. I needed to think of a wager to leave him speechless as well.

Chapter Three

Rules and Surprises

By lunchtime, just thinking about a hot air balloon ride with Jaxon had me feeling anxious and playful at the same time. Cole had caught up to me right outside of the cafeteria, so we went through the serving line together. Like a gentleman, he carried my tray for me toward our table. Since Cole is in a frat and plays on the football team, he has a wide variety of friends that usually come join our long table and benches.

When we approached the table, Mason and Garrett simultaneously patted the seats next to them for me to come sit. I liked to indulge them, but I usually always sat next to Quinn and Cole. As I was walking past the guys already seated, I tapped them on the head while singing, “Duck… Duck… Duck…” A few of them started chuckling. Abruptly, I was grabbed by the hips and slung onto Micah’s lap. He placed me so I was sitting on him facing forward toward the table.

“Goose,” he whispered in my ear from behind. “I liked you in my bed this morning,” he said, as he put his hands around my waist just underneath my t-shirt.

“Micah...” I warned him. Cole walked past us snickering and he sat my tray in front of me. “Thanks, Coley, you’re always such a gentleman, unlike some people I know,” I said, prodding my elbow into Micah’s ribs.

He placed his tray next to Quinn who was laughing at Micah’s barbarian tactics. “Oh God, Em please stop calling me that,” Cole groaned, with a wince.

I started eating my pasta salad, while Micah seemed to think that was a go ahead to explore my body. At least he wasn’t blatant about it. I don’t think anyone even noticed. When he moved my hair away from my neck and started lightly kissing under my ear, I noticed Jaxon come in and sit down in front of Quinn. He took off his ball cap and put it back into his backpack. He was staring right at Micah and me. I was confused by the hard set of his jaw. All of a sudden, the last thing I wanted to be doing was sitting here on Micah’s lap with one hand drifting dangerously high up on my thigh.