Beasts in Winter:Tangere Tales 1(4)

By: Heather Rainier

With her wavy red hair floating in the wind, she practically invited his beast to chase her, to hunt her, catch her, pin her down, but not to savage her. He wanted to feast between her lush thighs and fuck her senseless. But he wanted much more than just carnal satisfaction. Too much of her skin was visible in those inadequate clothes, and her lips had been nearly blue as she’d stood frozen, staring at him. He wanted to wrap her in the fur of bears he’d hunted to keep her warm. She looked behind her as she fled from him, fear in her eyes. Across the growing distance he heard a whimper escape her.

Charmeur’s voice cut through their telepathic link like a blade, the censure clear in his tone. I told you to stop growling, and Fleur warned you that you were scaring her.

Another voice, this time female, rang clear in his mind even as the distance between them lengthened. You idiot! You’ve terrified her! She thinks you want to eat her!

Charmeur snorted again, and Bestiale growled low and said, Yes, how I long to eat her.

Eww! Keep thoughts like that to yourself, pervert! You better fix this! Charmeur, help him! Fleur’s voice sounded as if she was being jiggled with every running step the redhead took. Bestiale enjoyed the way the redhead’s curves bounced as she ran, her hair waving like a flag.

He broke free from Charmeur’s restraining hand to give chase.


Ours, was Charmeur’s telepathic reply as he gave in to the animal urge to chase his prey, too.

He’d hoped the fae enchantress would relent in her curse. But rather than sending them beautiful redemption, she’d sent fresh torture, scantily clad in what looked like rags and sporting hair the irresistible color of flame.


* * * *

Charmeur kept pace with his brother, praying the energy expended chasing the lovely blue-eyed beauty would take the edge off Bestiale’s intimidating demeanor, not that Charmeur was in a much better state. Bestiale had ordered her not to run, knowing that it would only inflame the basest part of their animal natures, the urge to chase fleeing prey. He hated that fae-cursed part of himself but couldn’t deny it any more than Bestiale could.

The beauty squeaked when she looked behind her and saw they were closing the distance and nearly lost her footing as she gained the stone steps leading to the main courtyard. Afraid she would fall, he ran harder in case he might need to catch her before she hurt herself.

A feline hiss rang clear through his telepathic link with his sister. Oh, don’t mind me, brother mine. If she drops me and I crack my head open, it’s no loss.

Sorry, little sister. In time you may understand.

Understand what it’s like to be chased by two snarling imbeciles? Let’s hope not, she chortled, obviously amused by the whole situation as she clung with her paws around the redhead’s neck.

Watch your claws, dear sister.

Pshh! She’s got such a grip on me I’m not worried about being dropped so much as squished!

The door to the castle stood wide open to receive them and he watched in appreciation as the gorgeous lady cleared the entry with a leap, slid to a quick stop in her odd boots, and slammed both heavy doors in their faces.

That’s right, girl! Fleur’s voice chimed with a giggle through their telepathic connection. Make them work for it!

Without missing a step, he and his brother leaped for the thick branches of the dormant climbing rose that twined its canes in an intricate web around the castle walls. Thanks to the calluses on his palms and the undersides of his fingers, his bestial hands didn’t slip, not even in the spots where the snow or ice had accumulated. They were rough, clawed, and animalistic, but they got the job done as he leaped from branch to branch, keeping pace with Bestiale.

They could sense Fleur’s movement up the stairs and bounded with a leap to one of the second-floor balconies, startling a frightened scream from the beauty as she ran by. Fleur leaped from her arms, and the redhead followed her down the corridor to another flight of stairs, leading to the east tower.

Perfect, Bestiale growled. There’s a bed up there.

Charmeur lashed out and grasped a handful of Bestiale’s long, wolfish brown mane and yanked hard, sending him tumbling into a heap on the stone floor with Charmeur falling on top of him. Blows were exchanged until sense came into Bestiale’s eyes and he lifted his hands in surrender.

I would not use force, brother. It’s hard to fight the need I feel for her.

Charmeur straddled him and shook him by his mane. Try harder. If you hurt her, she will never forgive us. We’ll remain in this state for all time. Fleur will never forgive us. And I will never forgive you.

Bestiale stayed still long enough to convince Charmeur he was calmer, and then they continued the chase that led to the bedchamber at the uppermost room of the east tower.