Bash, Volume I (Rolling Thunder Motorcycle Club Book 3)(9)

By: Candace Blevins

“I’m sorry you can’t understand, but these guys are my family. They’d die before they let anything happen to me, and that isn’t a figure of speech.”

“You need a woman around you, someone to comfort you. You don’t need men to protect you, Angelica. Come to our house until your dad gets home. You can stay with Kayla as long as you need to.”

I took a breath and nodded. “I might take you up on that offer in a day or two, if my dad isn’t back by then, but I need my family right now. There were plenty of women around last night, and I’m sure they’ll be back today. You of all people should know how close I am to Brain and Bash. The women left me with them because they knew I was well taken care of. Someone’s working on the best way to get my dad, but he wasn’t expected back for another five days, at least, and it’ll likely take some time for them to find him.”

He was off on club business, not in the wilderness, but we couldn’t tell the cops that. We didn’t have a way to contact him at all, though. Not even a burner phone. He was scheduled to call in tonight, and they’d have to break the news to him over the phone.

Brain handed the casserole off to Bash, and walked Kayla’s mom outside.

“I want a do-over on yesterday,” I told Bash when he came back to me on the sofa. “I want to make better decisions about Sloane, and I want to keep my mom home. God, Bash, I’m so sorry you had to—”

He put his finger to my lips. “Hush, Princess. Sloane didn’t deserve to live and I never want you to bring him up again. We’re gonna have to talk about a few things, though. Did Kayla know you were planning on sneaking out with him?”

I nodded. “Yeah. And with Brain bringing me home instead of you, I guess we’re gonna need to come up with a story.” Because Kayla’s dad would immediately know something was up, with my old prospect, now a patched member, stepping in.

“Let’s keep it simple. He came by to help you study, messed up your plans with Sloane. We’ll put fake texts on your phone, so it looks like you told Sloane we’d cock-blocked you once again, with you apologizing for having to stand him up.”

“So why weren’t we here? Why did we go out?”

Brain walked back in, closing the door behind him. “I’ve already put all the text messages in place, as I figured Kayla knew, and it’s likely Sloane told some people, too. Got a few people at the barbecue place down the street who’ll say we were going over notes and shit while we ate. They don’t have cameras, and there are no traffic cams between here and there, so LEO won’t be able to confirm or deny.”

I looked at the clock, realized I should be in first period at school already, but also knew I couldn’t go. I pulled out of Bash’s embrace and headed towards the bathroom. “I’m going to take a shower.”

I didn’t want them to leave, but I needed a few minutes alone.

My shower didn’t help anything, but it did tell me I didn’t need to take any more pills to knock me out. It takes serious shit to knock a werewolf out, and I felt like crap from it. When I came out of the bathroom, dressed in jeans and a Harley t-shirt, my long brown hair in a towel on my head, I told them, “I need to change and run. Can ya’ll take me out to the property?”

“Just the three of us?” asked Brain. “Or do you want us to gather as much of the MC as we can?”

I just wanted them, but before I could answer Bash said, “Just us, and of course we can, but you need to eat if you’re gonna change. We’ll hunt and eat as wolves, if you want, but you need to eat before we go.”

I didn’t want to eat, but Bash refused to take me to the property until I did, so I ate.

Chapter Five

Present Day


Finally. After years of living in Massachusetts and away from home, I’d be walking across the stage this afternoon to accept my Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering from MIT.

So many people from the RTMC wanted to see me graduate, Dad had chartered a plane to bring everyone.

My dad had been up to see me several times, but I’d only come home for Christmas and Thanksgiving. I’d taken classes in the summer, and done everything else possible to get my degree as fast as possible so I could get back to the south.

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