Bash, Volume I (Rolling Thunder Motorcycle Club Book 3)(5)

By: Candace Blevins

She paused a few seconds before adding, “I raced the hell out of all the boys the next time we got to go to the forest and ride, though. The boy I’d been struggling to get in front of? I lapped him. Felt damned good.”

“So, you’re happy about this project, or pissed you have to build your own car?” Most girls would be pissed.

“A little of both, probably. I mean, he knows I wanted a Miata for my sixteenth, but I also knew it wasn’t likely to happen. He hates new computerized shit, so this is probably as close to a Miata as I was likely to get. I like knowing how things work, so as long as it doesn’t take too fucking long to put it together…”

I was liking this new side of her, and warning bells went off in my head. She was gorgeous, and exactly my type, plus she was smart and wasn’t afraid of me. If her dad ever got a whiff of what I really wanted to do to his daughter, he’d cut pieces of me off before he killed me.

Trying to keep up the antagonism we seemed to have going, and reassert myself as the adult, even though I was only three years older, I told her, “You didn’t cuss like this around your daddy last night.”

She shook her head. “Daddy doesn’t care if I cuss, but Mom wants me to learn how to control it. She knows I cuss when I’m not around her, but if I ever get caught by her, any of my friends’ parents, or by the teachers, I’m in deep shit.” She shook her head again and rolled her eyes. “She says there’s a time and place for everything, and I have to learn when it’s appropriate and when it isn’t.” She gave me a mock appraising look and added, “Didn’t figure you to have virgin ears.”

“What’s the story with Kayla’s dad?” I’d gotten the rundown from Brain today, but wanted to hear Angelica’s take.

“He works narcotics, which means while he has moral issues with the club, his current position doesn’t represent a conflict of interest.” She used air quotes on the last three words, and I wondered if she’d heard this from Kayla or her dad, but didn’t interrupt to ask. “He knows the MC is anti-drugs, and he knows we keep our section of the city drug-free. Still, he doesn’t want Kayla to associate with the club members, or be on club property. Not even the shop — which means she can’t hang out when I work on my car.” She shrugged and looked out the window. “Dad’s serious about keeping the agreement, too. I tried to sneak her into a family party once, and he marched us straight to Kayla’s house and was straight-up with her dad about it, as soon as he realized she was there.”

“What’d her dad do?”

“We were both grounded for two weeks. From every fucking thing. Even our damned phones and computers.”

I pulled into the RTMC’s shop and decided it was time to start talking about her car. “If you’ve already torn a bike down and rebuilt it, you know about spark plugs, alternators, engine basics, and simple transmissions already. Right?”

Chapter Four

Seven months later


“Fuck you, Sloane! You’re an asshole of the biggest proportions!”

“Yeah, and I’m Pack, and you’re a fucking lone wolf. You exist in this city because my Pack allows it. Now, get on your knees and blow me, cunt.”

How could I have thought he was so great? And what the fuck had made me think sneaking out with him was a good idea? Dad was on a run, Mom was doing something with the other ol’ladies, and Bash had been given the night off because I was supposed to stay in and study for a huge chemistry exam tomorrow. Brain had been working with me for a week, though, and I was ready for the test, so I agreed to sneak out and meet Sloane.

Sloane’s twenty. He’s in college, but he can come home on the weekends some until football practice starts back, and I thought he liked me.

But, there was no time to get my feelings hurt right now. I needed a plan. I knew I couldn’t take him — he’s a linebacker for Georgia State, and a werewolf. My daddy’s taught me to defend myself, and I’m good at it, but I didn’t stand a chance against Sloane.

My left cheek erupted in pain and my head slung around, and I had to take a step back to keep my balance. The fucker had slapped me.

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