Bash, Volume I (Rolling Thunder Motorcycle Club Book 3)(2)

By: Candace Blevins

“I understand, boss.”

He sighed and said, “She knows part of your job is to cock-block her, and she’ll be pissed, but the anger’s at me, not you. She knows you’re following orders. You’ll intimidate the hell outta any guys who show attention to her. Wear your colors, flaunt your bike once it’s warmer, but be careful about weapons on school grounds. They’ll put you under the jail if they catch you with a piece.”

He looked away, then back to me. “She gets in trouble, you do whatever you gotta do to get her out of it and keep her safe. Otherwise, you don’t go bashing anyone’s head in. You’re a legal adult now, and not even our lawyers will keep you out of prison if you bash a minor’s head in. If her safety isn’t in immediate danger then bring any problem to me and I’ll be sure it’s handled. Keep that temper of yours under wraps. Got it?”

His phone buzzed and he checked it. “I gotta handle this. Get with Brain for advice and pointers. Your time with her’ll be a helluva lot easier if you can make friends with her, but this is your assignment whether you like or hate each other, so figure it out. In essence, you’re her bodyguard now, responsible for her safety when she isn’t with me. My agreement with Angelica is you’re there to drive her and keep her safe, not to report back to me. So far, we’ve kept that illusion up. You see something you think one of her parents needs to know about, you bring it to me and we’ll figure out how I can use the information so she doesn’t think you ratted.” His eyes narrowed. “You’ll think of my Angel and every one of her damned friends like your little sister. I ever smell a fucking hint of arousal on you when you’re with them, I’ll tear you apart.”

As he walked out of his office he said, “She don’t have any kind of practice today. Be in the car line at school no later than three o’clock. Brain’ll point out which of the club vehicles have the window sticker so you can pick her up. I’ll arrange for one for your bike and your cage, and my wife’s already put you on the list so you can check her out of school, in case she gets sick or something and needs a pickup.”

I watched the back of his head as he walked away, and realized this job was much more dangerous than watching the club’s bikes. One fuck-up with Bud’s daughter and I’d be six feet under.

Chapter Two

Eight years ago


Kayla met me in the bathroom after last period, and watched as I changed out of my super tiny mini-skirt into jeans. God, if my dad saw me in this skirt he’d have an aneurism.

“I can’t believe you lost Brain. God, Ang, he’s the best biker-bitch you’ve had yet.”

Speaking of aneurisms, my dad nearly had one when he found out Kayla called me Ang. He calls me Angel, but says no one else is allowed to shorten my name. One of the reasons I love Kayla is she isn’t afraid of my dad, or any of the other bikers, and she just kept calling me what she wanted.

I shrugged as I buttoned my jeans and stowed the skirt in my backpack. “I got one of the new guys, I’ve only met him a couple of times. He looks like he’s pissed at the world, and I seriously doubt he’s going to be any fucking help at all with my calculus or chemistry homework.”

“He have a cool name?” she asked as we left the bathroom.

“Bash, and best I can tell, it isn’t ‘cause he’s bashful. And damn, the boy is beautiful.” And he’d be so fucking pissed if he knew I’d called him a boy.

“How you gonna break him in?”

I shook my head. “Haven’t decided. He’s actually kinda scary, even for one of my dad’s men. Also, I don’t think he’s that much older than us. I know when he first came, he couldn’t have even the prospect patch yet, ’cause he wasn’t old enough. They treated him like one, which had to suck, but he didn’t get his first patch until a few weeks ago, so I think he just turned eighteen.”

“You know his story?”

I shook my head. “He has a fucked up accent though. He isn’t from around here.”

Kayla showed the assistant principal the note from her mom saying she could ride home with me, and he waved us to the RTMC vehicle waiting in the car line.

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