Bash, Volume I (Rolling Thunder Motorcycle Club Book 3)

By: Candace Blevins

Rolling Thunder Motorcycle Club, Book 3

What do you get when you mix a bad-ass werewolf biker with a beautiful she-wolf who grew up as the MC President’s daughter?


Angelica was raised not only as a biker’s daughter, but as Bud’s daughter — the president of the Atlanta RTMC, which meant she also had dozens of ‘uncles’ who made sure she was safe, happy, loved, secure.

Needless to say, her virginity was still solidly intact when she left for college.

She goes to school up north, where no one knows she’s a biker’s daughter at heart, and thoroughly enjoys her time as a civilian. She gets rid of her pesky virginity right away, but is mostly a good girl while she buckles down to get her degree, staying at school even during the summers to take as many classes as she can fit in.

She’s a different person when she comes home with her Master’s degree, and in spite of her intention to remain a civilian, some of the bikers don’t seem so much like uncles, anymore.

Warning: Lots of hot sex, a touch of BDSM, and an abundance of bad-ass werewolf bikers who are used to getting their way.

This is volume one of a three-book story. There’s a tiny cliffhanger at the end, but only three weeks until book two releases.

Chapter One

Eight years ago


“Got an assignment for you, prospect.”

“Thank you, boss. Won’t let you down.”

The president of the RTMC looked so casual, sitting at his desk, but the expression on his face was anything but.

“You may think this is a shit assignment, but I’m entrusting you with one of the most valuable pieces of my life. You fuck it up, I’ll gut you and end you.”

He stood and walked out of his office. I followed him into the shop area, past the bikes to one of the car bays, and he stopped in front of an antique MGB. “There’s two more, wrecked to hell and back, on the rear lot. I’m givin’ the lot of them to my Angel for her fifteenth birthday tomorrow, and she’s gonna be responsible for turning them into a single-functioning vehicle if she wants something to drive when she turns sixteen.” His eyes were dark as he studied my face, “I know you have particular talent here, so when I can’t be available to help her, she’ll have you. You are not to put this car together for her. I don’t want you doing the work, just supervising and helping.”

He ran his hand through his hair and added, “Brain was responsible for takin’ her to school and pickin’ her up after. Now that’s your responsibility.”

Brain had been a prospect until two days ago, now he was a fully patched member. This might be a shit assignment, but at least I knew it could still lead to getting my colors, someday. I’d been a prospect for nearly three months and I was so sick of going on beer runs, watching the bikes while the club members went inside somewhere, or whatever other shit job needed doin’. This might actually be a welcome change.

“I’ll email you a link so you have access to her online calendar, and you’ll need to keep up with when she has cheerleader practice, or track or soccer practice, or math club, or whatever the hell else she has goin’ on. You’ll either take her home or to the shop. Anywhere else, you clear with her mother or me. Use a cage while it’s cold, but if you aren’t picking her friend up, too, it’ll be fine to pick her up on your bike once the weather warms.”

He shook his head, looked away a few seconds, and then back to me. “I assigned Brain to her ‘cause I knew he was old enough and smart enough to keep it in his pants. My baby girl’s a virgin, and she’s gonna stay that way for a long time to come. You’re gonna be the chauffeur when she and her friends wanna go to a movie, or when she wants to go to a friend’s house. You’ll be spendin’ a lot of time with her, and being friendly will be a helluva lot easier than not. Got no problems with friendly hugs, but you ever get a hard-on for my baby, you may never get another again — if I castrate you with silver, it won’t grow back, boy.”

The menace comin’ off him took the oxygen out of the room, but even though my wolf desperately wanted to challenge him, I forced my eyes down. My temper had gotten me into so much trouble at home, they’d had to send me away to keep me out of prison. This was my last chance, and I liked these men. I wanted to be a part of them. I wasn’t going to blow it.

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