Bang Gang(3)

By: Jade West

“Let’s go to Brecon, pick up that old Clio.”

Jimmy let out a sigh. “Some guys get all the pissing luck,” he groaned, but he was already grabbing his jacket.

Eleanor smiled at me, handed over the envelope. I didn’t open it, just slipped it in the rack on the wall behind me. Hugh pulled down the shutters as he went, leaving us bathed in the hard glow of strip lighting. I locked up behind them, and Buck turned off the radio.

Eleanor had hitched her ass onto the tool trolley and her legs were spread by the time I’d done with the lock, her skirt already high up her thighs, fancy-done nails rubbing her clit through a tiny pair of creamy lace knickers.

“I meant it,” she said. “All morning, Trent. It’s all I could think about. You guys drive me wild.” Buck moved to the back of her, grabbed hold of the tool trolley and wheeled her in my direction as she squealed. She threw her arms back, grabbed hold of his shoulders and pulled him close. “Fuck me, big boy,” she hissed. “I need to be fucked by real fucking men.”

His hands found her big tits, gripped them through the slinky fabric of her dress, and she arched her back, her fingers darting back to the wet lace between her legs. I made for the sink to clean up, call it common courtesy, but she let out a groan.

“No,” she said. “No, please don’t wash it all off, Trent. I want you… dirty… I want you to leave filth all over me… I want to show it to Ted… I want him to see where you touched me…”

The shit some people pay for, but I didn’t care. My dick was hard, and Eleanor was a classy piece of pussy. She was horny and experienced, a woman in her prime who could easily handle both me and Buck. She’d taken all five of us earlier that summer, a couple of mega splurges while Ted was at some US conference or some shit. She’d taken all five and ridden us like a fucking train the whole night through, and she was on form right now. A horny, wriggling slut, just fucking desperate to be fucked.

I shrugged my way out of the top half of my overalls, let them fall loose around my waist, and Eleanor’s greedy hands tugged my t-shirt, helped me pull it over my head. She ran her palms over my bare chest, moaning as Buck slipped his dirty fingers inside her dress. He pinched her nipples and she let out a hiss.

I took her knees, shunted her further back on the trolley, unbalanced her enough that she wrapped her legs around my waist to hold herself steady. It felt good. She felt good.

“Fuck,” she hissed. “Just fuck me, Trent.”

Her fingers slipped inside my boxers and took hold of my cock. I watched the delight in her eyes as she worked it up and down.

“Hey,” Buck grunted, and his overalls were hanging loose, too. He took out his dick and yanked her backwards, laying her flat on the trolley with her pretty blonde curls picking up grease from oily tools. He slapped his cock against her cheek and the dirty slut opened wide, gave a moan as she sucked him in. I rubbed my thumb along the slip of her knickers, left a dirty black smear. She squirmed, her head bobbing in rhythm as Buck fucked her slutty little mouth. Her lips were wet, they smacked with every fucking thrust, eyes already tearing up as he pushed in deep.

“Swallow me down,” Buck grunted. “All the fucking way!”

I circled her clit, nice and steady, pressing tight. She stared up at me, her hand still gripping my dick, working my shaft nice and firm. Her throat gurgled and Buck swore, told her how fucking dirty she was.

I pulled her dress down over her big ripe tits, watched them bounce. Her nipples were hard, dark and stiff as fuck. My mouth fucking watered for them. I lowered myself over her and sucked, fighting the urge to shoot my load as she picked up pace with my cock.

Buck pulled out of her mouth, left a big stream of spit dribbling from her lips. She raised her head and her dirty eyes met mine, my mouth full of her tit.

“Kiss me,” she whispered.


“Please, Trent,” she whimpered. “Kiss me.”

Kiss me where Buck’s dick has been.

I can’t say tasting some other guy’s dick gets me horny, but we were long past being creeped out by that shit. I took her face in my hands, held her tight in position while I kissed her. Her tongue was really fucking demanding.