Bad Boy's Revenge:A Small-Town Romantic Suspense(9)

By: Sosie Frost

“We have to talk.”

He shifted me, and my slit struck against bare cock—hard and thick and throbbing for me.

“No talking,” he said. “We don’t need words now.”

“It’s too complicated. Everything’s changed.”

“Only because we let it change.”

“That’s not how life works.”

“Bullshit. Of course it is. If you want something, you take it.” His eyes burned, hot and feral. The corners of his lips twisted into a dangerous smile. “If I want you, I take you. If I want a life with you, I make it.”


“We planned for it before. Don’t pretend like it meant nothing to you.”

“It meant everything to me, but…”

“Then I’ll give it to you. I’ll get you the life you wanted.” His kiss was a bluff. I knew he shifted my hips. I held my breath as he whispered his promises. “We’ll be together, Sweets. Share a life. A house. Your store.”


His grip tightened. “And we’re finally going to have a baby.”

My eyes widened as his cock thrust into me.


And nothing had ever compared to him.

That thick, impossibly large cock was made to punish me in a dangerous game of pleasure, dominance, and lust. Maddox always overwhelmed me. Tonight was no different.

He pounded me, burying deep, deep, deep until I could only cling to him and beg to wait, to stop, and to give me everything he had promised.

He filled me completely, bottoming out until we were skin to skin. It had been a year since I last felt him, and I had no idea how I survived the separation.

He didn’t fuck me. He claimed me. He sheathed in me to prove my body was made for him. He embedded himself to remind me that he was the only man who I ever let take me. He thrust to ensure I heeded his every word.

He wanted me to be his again.

Except…he’d never lost me. What I did, I did because I’d loved him.

And he could never know.

“I missed you…” His words rasped as he withdrew his cock. He teased me, watching as I whined, wiggled, and begged for him once more. He slammed inside me, and I rocked against the wall. My core clenched, surrendering to a pleasure only he could give. “I needed you.”

“I’m here,” I whispered.

“You’re mine.”

His cock stretched me too much, too deep, too hard, too fast. So why did my body shudder in wicked delight with another aggressive grind?

“I want all of you.” Maddox grunted. “Everything, Sweets. I have to be a part of your life again.”

“We can’t.”

“I don’t believe you.”

My fingers tightened on his arms. His strokes stole my breath, hitched with each crazed slam against the wall. I couldn’t think, but I could feel. My heart told me I was doing the right thing. My body ordered me to obey him.

“We have to stop.”

He only moved faster, harder. “I already have you, Josie.”

I bit my lip.

“I’m fucking you,” he said.

I whimpered.

“I’m in your head. Your heart. You and me are made for each other.”

I cried out as he sliced inside me, completely sealed within me. Every fierce and unyielding stroke of his thick cock whipped me into a shameful pleasure.

“We aren’t good for each other,” I whispered. “Not anymore.”

“You’re lying to me.” His fingers tightened. “Tell me you haven’t imagined this moment every minute of every day since I was locked up.”

Of course I had imagined it. His body and touch and fierceness lived an endless fantasy in my mind. In the darkest moments of the night, I longed for nothing more than to be pinned under him again, to be taken as his obsession and his prize.

He read my expression. Knew my thoughts. Felt what was in my heart.

His conquering smile sealed our fate.

“Hold on, Sweets,” Maddox growled. “I’ll give you everything you’ve been missing and more.”

He positioned my hips and forced me to take all of his ravenous cock. I groaned as he lifted me. Maddox didn’t need a wall or bed to fuck me. His biceps tensed, flushed with sweat. He used his own strength to drive me onto his cock again and again. Full, harsh, intimidating thrusts that punished and loved my wanting slickness.

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