Bad Boy's Revenge:A Small-Town Romantic Suspense(10)

By: Sosie Frost

I buried my head in his neck as his motions turned primal and animalistic. That ache built in my core. It was too much. I sweated, trembled, begged. I bit his shoulder to keep from screaming. That only made him fuck me harder, deeper into my core.

He was too strong. Too big.

Too unbelievably wrong for me.

Everything about Maddox screamed danger, including how easily he plucked me up, imbedded me with his bare cock, and fucked me like I was a little rag-doll for his pleasure. He was the one man I never should have wanted, a dark and threatening force in my life. He owned my body, controlled my desire, and welcomed my surrender.

Those feelings hadn’t diminished after a year. I’d do anything for this man. Anything. And if I wasn’t careful, it would damn us and ruin the justice I demanded for him.

“Josie…” His words clipped over an aggressive profanity. “Come for me.”

He didn’t need to order it. I was already there, bucking and groaning and dying as my heart shredded itself in both relief and agony. I tensed and arched, crying out for him as the pleasure shattered my will. A furious heat burst into my core, so intense I feared the fire trapped us once more.

It wasn’t flames.

It was him—bare and thick, shooting his heated jet inside me. His words growled nonsense, and he slammed me harder against his pumping cock.

His roar should have terrified me. Instead it curled my toes and earned him my second surrender. He filled me completely, unwaveringly, and carried me imbedded on his cock to the couch. Maddox dropped me onto my back, and my legs fell open. He slapped away my hands as I tried to hide what he had already taken.

It was no use. We weren’t strangers. We weren’t awkward lovers.

And we weren’t yet satisfied.

He fell over me, hands tangled in my hair, his hand tickling the slick, dark petals of my slit. I twisted and groaned, too sensitive from his fucking to endure any more.

He didn’t care.

His cock thrust inside me again, his seed slickening me for a rougher claiming.

“More…” He grunted, stealing my hesitations with a kiss. “I’m not letting you go, Sweets. Not until I know you’re mine.”


“When you’re spent. Exhausted. Coming uncontrollably.” He grinned, biting that sensitive spot on my neck once more. “Once I know you’re carrying my baby.”

Oh, God. It shouldn’t have thrilled me, but the Josie of a year ago who cared only about cookies and cakes and starting a family screamed at me to just let him in once more, to accept him, to take everything he offered.

“I need to know you’re safe,” Maddox said. His motions stilled. “I’ll protect you, Josie. I swear to God, I’ll find the man who separated us, who tried to hurt you, who destroyed your store…and I’ll take my revenge.”

His body slammed into mine, again and again, fierce and…


Like he thought he’d lose me?

Like he thought I was the one in danger?

My heart thudded, too hard and too desperate. I forced him to slow, only so I could touch his face. I kissed his perfect lips, ones that only knew how to curse and threaten to prove his love.

I could stay safe on my own, but I couldn’t protect Maddox from himself.

The man I loved was in danger, and I’d do everything in my power to keep him alive.

Even if it meant breaking his heart.

Chapter Three – Maddox

Josie Davis belonged to me.

She was the only woman I ever loved, and she had been taken from me. Or I was taken from her. It didn’t matter. Every hour I spent apart from her razed into meaningless eternity. Without her touch, without her beautiful almond eyes, I was lost. Empty. I didn’t live my life for her. She was my life, and I was an idiot for taking that gift for granted.

Injustice separated us for an entire year, and I’d be damned if I let anything keep me from her now. Not the law. Not the town. Not even layers of clothing.

I didn’t know what time it was. Hell if I even knew the day. In the darkness, Josie writhed in pleasure. It was the least I could offer her. Christ only knew if she had been scared without me. While I was jailed, the monster who burned down her shop might have returned to harm her, steal from her, and threaten her. I went insane imagining horrible and heart-shattering visions of her in danger.

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