Baby Steps (Yeah, Baby Book 2)

By: Fiona Davenport

Guy Rule #2: No sleeping with your step-sister

Lucas St. James is accustomed to women wanting something from him. They tend to see his good looks and fat bank account but never the man underneath. After a passionate weekend with Jade Jones, he assumes she’s no different and cuts her loose. But he’s in for the shock of his life when he sees her again at his dad’s lawyer’s office.

Jade swore she’d never follow her mom’s advice about it being as easy to love a rich man as a poor one. Although she has the blonde bombshell looks to attract a sugar daddy, she’s not the gold digger Lucas accused her of being. Her mom might have lured his dad into marriage before their untimely death, but Jade is focused on making it on her own.

Now they’re permanently connected by their parent’s marriage, the terms of his dad’s will—and the fact that Jade is carrying her step-brother's baby.

Warning: This novella contains a sexy alpha, insta-love, and an "oops" baby! It's quick, hot, and dirty.

**This is the second novella in the Yeah, Baby series, but each story can be read as a standalone and features a different couple.

The pregnancy might be accidental, but their love is not.

Chapter 1


“I’m sure your step-brother will be here shortly.”

“Step-brother?” I repeated dumbly, having no clue what the heck the lawyer was talking about. When I got the call yesterday, I thought the request to come to Mr. Wilkinson’s office to discuss my mom’s death was odd. She had died four weeks ago and I wasn’t expecting to inherit anything from her since she didn’t have much to pass down to me except maybe some debts. Although, when I attempted to take care of them, they’d been mysteriously paid off. Then, when I’d entered their posh offices and been ushered in to see one of the named partners without waiting, I’d wondered if they’d mistaken me for someone else. Now, the mention of a mystery step-brother cinched it. I knew for sure something weird was going on here. “There must be a mistake. I don’t have a step-brother.”

He rifled through a stack of papers on his desk and pulled one out. “Your mom was Diamond Jones, correct?”

I cringed at his use of her full first name. She hated it and preferred to be called Di, which was odd when you thought about it since she named me after a gem too. What kind of person who hated being named after a precious jewel turned around and named their only child after one? It made no sense to me. Then again, I never claimed to understand anything about my mom. She and I had always been polar opposites. “Yes.”

He stretched his arm across the desk and handed the paper to me. I glanced down and the words “Marriage Certificate” jumped out at me. My mom was listed as the bride, and it was dated for the day before the car crash which took her life four weeks ago. “My mom got married?”

Sympathy shone from the lawyer’s eyes. “Theirs was a whirlwind courtship. I’m sure she was going to discuss it with you when she and Jonathan returned from their honeymoon. He was a very private man, and there were public relations issues to work out before they went public with the marriage.”

My mom married a guy who had to take public relations issues into consideration? One whose fancy lawyer referred to him by his first name? Oh, Mama. You finally landed the golden goose you’d always dreamed of, only to die the next day. If that wasn’t irony biting you in the ass, I didn’t know what was.

“When I was contacted about her death, the police mentioned there was a man in the car with her at the time. Was it Jonathan? Did he survive the crash?”

“I’m sorry to say he lingered in the hospital for a week before passing away,” he explained. “Unfortunately, someone dropped the ball and neglected to contact you sooner so we could help with the arrangements for her funeral and make sure you were taken care of during this time of crisis.”

“Thank you,” I whispered. “But I have everything under control. My mom has already been buried. I spoke with her landlord and the rent on her apartment was already paid up for last month and this one too. I have a little time before I need to clear it out which was a godsend since I have a show to prepare for and not a lot of free time right now.”