Baby, Be Mine (Life, Love And Babies Book 3)(7)

By: Samantha Chase

“You had a hip replaced, mom. It wasn’t like it was some minor procedure.”

“Still, you know me; I hate to be idle.”

So did Olivia. For three days she’d been home – well, at Mike’s guest house – and she had yet to fully be able to relax. She was restless, couldn’t sleep and couldn’t quite shake the image of Jake Knight from her mind. “You could take up a hobby?” she suggested.

“Oh, I have plenty of those – there’s my book club and my knitting, and you know how much I love my garden…”

“All of those things are good, mom. So what’s going on?”

“Actually, I was calling to ask if you could pick me up at the airport tomorrow.”

“What?” This was so not what Olivia had expected. “Why…? I mean, why are you flying in? You’re still recovering. I didn’t think that travel was good for you right now.”

Her mother made a tsk-ing sound. “Well, normally I wouldn’t, but Mike called and told us all about Jake’s situation. Poor boy; I can’t even imagine what he must be feeling.”

“Wait a minute…they called you? They asked you to come and help them?”

“What’s wrong with that?”

“Like I said, mom, you’re recovering from surgery! What on earth is Mike thinking?”

“For starters, he’s thinking that he and Jake can’t possibly take care of two infants. Secondly, Mike has that trip overseas that he needs to leave for tomorrow. You know how long and hard he’s been working on that deal with the Chinese company, Olivia; he has to be there.”

Actually, she had forgotten about that which was odd considering the reason she had chosen to come home now was so that she could have a couple of days with her brother and then the better part of a month to herself to get her head back together without any distractions.

“How would it look if he didn’t show up?” her mother continued. “For six months he’s been planning this, and apparently it was hard to coordinate schedules and well…I just couldn’t let him miss out on that.”

“Why hasn’t Jake hired a nanny? What is he waiting for?”

“He doesn’t want to hire one.”

“What? Why? That’s completely ridiculous!”

“One of the things that I always had a hard time with was the fact that the Knight’s left Jake alone so much. I realize that we didn’t really get to know them until Jake was older, but from what I’d been told, they left him alone a lot.”

“Completely alone?”

“No, no, of course not; there were nannies and neighbors and the like. Jake doesn’t want that for his kids, so he’s determined to figure out how to take care of them on his own.”

“But he has a business to run!” Olivia said with exasperation. “How does he expect to run his company – a construction one at that – from home? Or is he planning on putting them in little baby slings with hard hats and taking them on the job?”

“Don’t be ridiculous, Olivia. Sheesh. Like I said, he is trying to figure it out. Obviously he doesn’t have all of the answers yet. He’s only had the babies for two days.”

“Mom, you can’t fly in here and take care of them.”

“Sweetheart, Jake is like one of my own. I know his parents would appreciate knowing that I helped him out when he needed it. He has no one, Liv. No siblings, no parents…I’m not heartless you know.”

But clearly she was. “Did you already book your flight?” she asked with that familiar sense of dread.

“No, I wanted to talk to you first and find out what your schedule was like.”

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