Baby, Be Mine (Life, Love And Babies Book 3)(6)

By: Samantha Chase

“I could call my parents,” Mike said as he came to stand beside Jake.

“They’re in Arizona while your mom’s recovering from her surgery,” Jake stated miserably. “They’re two-thousand miles away. I don’t think they’ll be able to help us tonight.”

Mike raked a hand through his hair. “No, not tonight, but I’m sure if I called them they’d get a flight out tomorrow.”

Jake shook his head. “No. This is my problem, not theirs.”

“That’s a load of bull, and you know it! You’re family, Jake; you always have been. Our folks were best friends for years, and you know good and well that if you ever needed anything, they’d be there for you.” Mike stopped and paused. “And obviously, you need help.”

His head still shaking, Jake turned and looked at his friend. “You have no idea how much I appreciate the fact that you are trying so hard to help me out here. I don’t know what I would’ve done today without you here to keep me sane.”

“I honestly thought you were joking when you called.”

“Lucky for me you’re the best lawyer I know, as well as my best friend, and you were able to draw up those papers so quickly.”

Mike looked at the ground as he thought about the events of the day. “I still can’t believe that Marilyn did this. You never suspected that she was pregnant?”

“No.” Jake’s voice was both weary and sad. “She knew how much I wanted kids; wanted a family. It was one of the reasons we broke up – I wanted kids, and she didn’t. We were always so careful, so cautious; she was near fanatical about birth control.”

“Accidents happen.”

Jake glared at him. “Obviously.”

“So what do we do now?”

Looking over his shoulder, Jake glanced at the still-open front door. “You don’t have to stay. They’re my responsibility, and I’m sure you have a life of your own to get back to.”

“Don’t give me that,” Mike snapped. “It’s pretty damn clear that you’re not prepared for this, and maybe between the two of us, we won’t traumatize them too much.”

Jake couldn’t help but chuckle. “I’m not so sure about that. For all we know we’ve already scarred them for life.”

“Nah, they’re too young for that.” Placing a reassuring hand on his friend’s shoulder, he inclined his head toward the house. “Come on. We’ll order in pizza and do a little online research on how to take care of babies. How hard could it be?”

Chapter Two

The ringing of the phone was enough to make Olivia want to scream. It was barely nine in the morning, and she hadn’t gone to sleep until four. Part of the reason for her sabbatical was to get some rest, but it eluded her here. With a growl of frustration, she reached over and slid her finger across the screen without looking to see who it was.

“Honestly, Olivia; it’s about time you answered the phone.” Her mother. This was so not a good sign.

“Hey, mom. You’re up early.”

“One of the hazards of retirement – your father’s, not mine. He still gets up with the birds, but he has no place to go so he putters around the house, making all kinds of noise until I get up and make him breakfast. Honestly, the man is driving me crazy.”

Clearly her mother felt the need to pass it on. “You’ve spoiled him. He knows exactly what to do to get what he wants.”

“I don’t think loving and spoiling are the same thing, sweetheart. You’re father isn’t that devious or manipulative.”

Wanna bet? “So how are you doing, mom? How are you feeling?”

“Oh, you know…the doctor told me that it would take some time for me to get back to normal. I go to physical therapy – and honestly, that therapist is some sort of masochist! I go and do all of the exercises that I’m supposed to, but I still don’t feel quite like myself.”

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