Baby, Be Mine (Life, Love And Babies Book 3)

By: Samantha Chase


Kissing the man of your dreams for the first time is something that a girl always wants to remember.

Not this time.

Olivia did her best to hide out in the far corner of her backyard – it was dark back there and the group of people around her seemed oblivious to her turmoil. Her eighteenth birthday and everyone was here to celebrate with her, and all she wanted was for everyone to leave so she could crawl into a hole and lick her wounds. And maybe die.

Maybe that should be her wish when she blew out the candles.

What had she been thinking? How could she have misjudged the situation so badly? Thirty minutes ago she had had all of the hope in the world that this was going to be the best night of her life, and now? Well, now it would forever be known as the worst.

Convincing Jake Knight to follow her into the garage under the pretense of collecting more chairs had been inspiring. Cornering him and wrapping herself around him had been exciting. Having him shove her away as if she has some sort of disease?


Jake had been in her life since she was a pre-teen. Being best friends with her brother Mike had given Olivia the opportunity to really get to know him, and even though he was six years older than her, she felt certain now that she was eighteen he’d see her as a woman. Not his best friend’s little sister.

Clearly she was wrong.

Having her lips touch Jake’s had been like being struck by lightning; a jolt of excitement had shot through her system so powerfully that it was hard to not jump from it. For a brief second, his arms had banded around her waist; and then just as quick, those same arms had pushed her away.

Luckily the garage was almost completely dark – the only light coming from the full moon outside – and she couldn’t see what she was certain was a horrified look on his face. As it was, she could picture it all too clearly.

The reality was probably so much worse.

This was so not the eighteenth birthday party that Olivia had planned at all.

It wasn’t the beginning of her happily ever after.

If anything, this event would go down as the defining moment of her life.

From now on, Olivia knew that she would have to stay away from Jake, no matter how hard it would be if he came around to see Mike. She was done pining after a man she clearly couldn’t have. And for that matter, she was done pining and chasing after men, period. From here on out, she would sit back and wait until the perfect guy pined and chased after her. There was no way she could deal with this kind of rejection ever again. College was right around the corner, and she would put all of her time and energy into getting ready for that.

And her photography.

There weren’t many things that gave Olivia pleasure except her love of photography.

And watching Jake Knight.

Oh, if only she could combine the two of them. So not going to happen. At least she knew that now and could move on; put her focus on to something new.

If only it didn’t hurt so damn much.

Chapter One

“But it’s an emergency.”

Olivia sighed. “Seriously, Mike; to you, everything’s an emergency.”

“This time I’m serious.”

“Look, I really wish I could help you…”

“You can. You’re here in town, and you said that you need a distraction; something to take your mind off of work for a while. I’m just saying that this is a situation that is pretty desperate, and I really think you could help.”

A migraine was beginning to throb behind her right eye. “I’m taking the month off so that I can relax; and even though you won’t tell me exactly what this dire situation is, I can tell that it is not something that is going to help me in that department.”

“Liv,” Mike said with exasperation, “why can’t you just trust me? Five minutes of your time; that’s all I’m asking.”