An American Cinderella:A Royal Love Story

By: Krista Lakes

About This Book

Aria has a big heart but bigger problems. Her whole life is a mess thanks to her controlling stepmother. But when she's knocked over- literally- by the hottest man she's ever had the pleasure of tangling up her body with, everything changes. Henry Prescott, second-string rugby player for the Paradisa Royals, is funny, sweet, charming, and oh-so-sexy. He's got a rock hard body and tackles her in bed as fiercely as he tackled her in the park. Knowing nothing about rugby, but absolutely intoxicated by his accent, she finds herself falling for him.

There's only one problem: Henry Prescott doesn't exist.

The man she thinks she loves is actually Prince Henry, second in line for the throne of the nation of Paradisa. He's the man who Aria's entire department has to impress for trade relations. And that makes Aria's stepmother's plans even more dangerous.

He's the man who could destroy her world or make all her dreams come true.

He lied about being a prince... did he also lie about being in love?

I could hear him getting more and more excited, slowly losing more and more control. I turned around, giving him a deep kiss. He moaned a little into my mouth as his tongue quested within. Every inch of the front of my body touched every inch of the front of his body, and the feeling of his pectorals against my breasts was amazing. I could have stayed right there all night.

Without warning, he stepped toward me. As I pressed into his chest, I realized I would let him take me right here, no questions asked. I was on the pill and I trusted him.

However, he reached past me to pull back the shower curtain and set out, reaching back and grabbing my hand as he did so. We paused when we got to my bed for a deep kiss, and for a moment I wondered if we should dry off before getting on the bed, but instead I decided to throw caution to the wind.

I know, I’m a rebel.

He continued to kiss me as he guided me down gently to the bed, his body moving with mine. For a moment, I thought he was going to just slide right into me, but he quickly created a little space between our lower bodies. I ached to have him inside of me.

Instead, he kissed downward, beginning at my neck. He lingered at my throat for a moment before moving farther down. A moment ago, in the shower, my breasts had been up against his chest, and then in a steam-filled shower. The sudden rush of cold air from the bedroom made my nipples hard. He took my breasts in his hands, moving his mouth from one to the other. I let out a little sound of appreciation as he looked up at me, flicking his tongue against one and then the other.

Finally, he began moving even further down, past my belly button. I knew what was coming, so I bent my knees and brought my feet up to the bed, spreading my legs.

Without missing a beat, he grabbed one of my feet and began to kiss it. I giggled a little as he moved his kisses upward. He put his foot on his shoulder as he kissed my calf, then the inside of my knee, then inside my thigh, getting closer and closer to my sweet spot.

His kisses on my leg became slower and more sensual as he moved higher and higher. I began to writhe a little in anticipation as he got closer, wondering how good this was going to feel.

Just as I thought I couldn’t take anymore, he took his mouth from my leg. “Are you ready?” he asked.

I locked my eyes with his and nodded my head fiercely. I gave him my best puppy dog eyes, telepathically pleading with him to give me release…

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This book is dedicated to my in-laws.

Thank you for watching my monsters so I could write.

Chapter 1

My ID badge didn't scan. Instead of the pleasant chirp and green light I was expecting, there was a loud angry beep and a red light. I swiped it again, but the light just stayed red.

“Ma'am?” The security guard walked up to the building’s turnstiles and raised his eyebrows at me.

I held up my badge, showing him that it was real. I really was supposed to be in the Dirksen Senate Office Building in Washington, DC. I was an aide here to Senator Glenn. I had been for the last three weeks.

“I don't know why it's not working,” I told the guard as he took it from me. “It was fine yesterday.”

The guard shrugged, and turned it in his hands, inspecting it from every angle. “You're probably fired.”