Alpha's Baby:A Secret Baby Romance(8)

By: Lauren Landish

“I don’t know,” I said, fingering the outfit. “I don’t think that mask will hide most of my features.”

“Are you kidding?” snorted Hanna. She grabbed the flimsy costume off the rack and pressed it against me, sizing me up. “It will more than do its job. Plus, you’re still new here at NSU. No one will even know who you are.”

I bit my lower lip to hold back a nasty retort. It was easy for Hanna to be so nonchalant about my concerns when she wasn’t the one who was being offered as a sacrifice to some drunken jock.

“Are you sure about that?” I dared ask. “All the Kappa girls know I’m going to be the Sacrifice. How do I know they won’t just disclose my identity to one of the Alpha boys whenever they think I’ve slighted them?”

Hanna looked up from the costume and rolled her eyes. “Seriously, Bella? Do you have no faith in your sisters? No one is going to tell on you. We all took an oath when we joined this sorority. No one, and I mean no one, rats on a fellow sister.”

“But what if they do?” I persisted. “You can’t honestly guarantee that no one will tell. I’m just saying, Hanna . . . you’re cool, but shit happens.”

Hanna let out an exasperated sigh. “Look, if someone reveals your identity, they will be kicked out of the sorority, stripped of all their titles, and humiliated for the duration of their stay at NSU. Do you honestly think that any of those bitches wants to risk that?”

“No,” I said after a moment. “But—”

“Okay then,” Hanna snapped, handing out the costume to me. “Stop being such a baby and go try this on.”

I stared at it. What was I doing here? Did I really want to go through with having sex with a total stranger just to prove to myself that I could get over Stefan?

And was it really worth the chance of possibly being exposed as a slut after it was all over? Despite Hanna’s assurances, I was no fool. I knew at some point that my identity would be found out, whether through one of the sisters telling on me or the guy himself eventually recognizing me.

While I would probably be humiliated and called names, the Alpha I slept with would likely be celebrated and hailed as some sort of sexual hero.

Such was the way of the campus I lived on. Even funnier, I’d signed a ‘morals pledge’ when I enrolled, a joke on paper if I ever saw one.

“Bella?” Hanna asked impatiently. “Are you going to try this damn costume on or not?”

I was tempted to tell Hanna to take the costume and go wipe her ass with it. Was there really any point to going through with this whole ordeal? I mean, honestly, what was in it for me?

I get to screw some hot jock and pretend it’s Stefan, I thought. And release all that sexual frustration I’ve been holding in.

“If you are having second thoughts and are backing out of this, tell me now,” Hanna said, her voice going cold. “I need to know if you’re not going to be part of the team.”

Hanna really had her nerve.

After a long moment of standing there, I snatched the costume out of her hands. “I’m in.”

I turned and walked off to the dressing room. I had to admit one thing, at least.

I would look hot in it.

Chapter 4


“I’m going to go with this one,” I said, grabbing up the gladiator costume that consisted of an elaborate loincloth, a mask, and a headdress.

The costume didn’t do much to cover up most of my body. My chest, abs, and even some of my ass would be on display wearing it, but that’s the way I wanted it. The gladiator totally fit in with my personality, the huge competitor and show-off that I was.

I was at an adult costume store with several of my frat buddies, Todd, Craig, and Jace. Since the arm-wrestling match, both Craig and Jace had made an effort to befriend me.

I was okay with kicking it with them because I was new and needed friends at NSU.

All three of the guys eyed the costume, laughing. “Dude, that is so you!”

I grinned and began heading toward the dressing room.

Five minutes later, I examined myself in the dressing room mirror. I have to say that I looked like Spartacus himself, with everything I had worked hard for on display.

The loincloth did little to hide the fact that I was well-endowed, something that I wasn’t ashamed to show off.

“I could totally see chicks digging this,” I whispered, flexing my muscles.

After I was done preening, I grabbed the mask/headdress and slipped it on. Then I grabbed the clothes that I’d been wearing when I came into the store—some blue jeans and a t-shirt—and I stepped out of the dressing room, intending to walk out of the store dressed in the costume for kicks.